Who I Am

The struggle of knowing who you are, of finding who you are, of being enlightened is one of the ultimate struggles of the human race. So with this said, this page is dedicated to only what I know of myself, because I know that there is so much of myself to be uncovered & unveiled, only through time and experiences.

❖ My name is Cindy Leow Thung Thung. Ye, it's a pretty funny name, I know, I've lived through people laughing at my name for 17 years but after all I've grown to actually like it. But names do not define their owner, to me a name is just something of a expeditious nature that you need because you wouldn't want to waste your time calling everyone by describing them. "Hey, you, short person with the long hair and the hazel eyes and the aquiline nose!" or something like that.

❖ I was born & bred in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

❖ I'm turning seventeen this December (2014.) I was a '97 kid.

❖ I'm 5'2 and I workout.

❖ 'Impetuous, irrational, erratic & extreme' would describe me best.

❖ I dream of worldly travel, blogging about it, being a journalist in NYC, teaching children in LEDCs, running marathons, performing piano recitals everywhere, starting my own business, writing a book, of a broader perspective and of a better world. (I'll do a Bucket List page next!)


  1. just happened to stumble upon your blog and wanted to say hi :)

    december babies unite! hehe

    1. hey girl! :)

      yesss us sagittarius folk have to stay together x

  2. why you didnt update your blogs nowadays? :(


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