Bucket List

Bucket lists are for people who want to do things, to achieve things, no matter at what point of their lives. I've always thought of doing these things, but I've never actually written it down -- so here's a good place to: virtually perpetuated in the archives of the internet.

  1. Work at a fashion magazine.
  2. Write an article for a newspaper.
  3. Be a journalist in New York.
  4. Work as a barista.
  5. Work as a waitress.
  6. Work as a bartender. 
  7. Work as a sales promoter. 
  8. Work as a kindergarten teacher. 
  9. Intern at a PR company.
  10. Join a travelling circus.
  11. Travel the world and be paid for it.
  12. Start a macaron business. (IN ACTION ATM)
  13. Design a clothing line.
  14. Write a book. 
  15. Make a short film.
  16. Join a game show. 
  17. Join a cooking competition.
  18. Join an eating competition.
  19. Win a game show. 
  20. Be on The Ellen Show. 
  21. Have a role on a TV show. 
  22. Voice an animated character.
  23. Be a motion capture actress.
  24. Join a beauty pageant. 
  25. Be in an advertisement.
  26. Be on the cover of a magazine.
  27. Be featured in a magazine.
  28. Go to a Life in Colour.
  29. Go to Tomorrowland. 
  30. Go to Coachella. 
  31. Get my piano diploma. 
  32. Take aerial arts classes. 
  33. Learn Spanish. 
  34. Be really good at yoga.
  35. Have a Pilates class with Cassey Ho. 
  36. Perform at an open mic.
  37. Learn how to bike.
  38. Go skydiving. 
  39. Learn to code. 
  40. Go bungee-jumping.
  41. Go to Skytrex.
  42. Go go-karting. 
  43. Climb a mountain. 
  44. Join a swimming team. 
  45. Join a state/national team for any sport.
  46. Swim in a river. 
  47. Swim across the ocean. 
  48. Run a 10K race.
  49. Run a half-marathon race.
  50. Run a marathon race. 
  51. Take part in the Colour Run.
  52. Take part in a Nike run. 
  53. TBC.

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