Saturday, May 31, 2014

Events I've been to for the Past Month

This will just be a short photo-post about events I've attended this month, because I'm rushing for time. I'm leaving for the US tomorrow, so I'm trying to complete everything I need to online including managing my own blog,, & my other job as a freelance writer by today, hopefully. Because I just really want to enjoy my time in California & relax & rejuvenate my soul completely. I sound like a massage parlour slogan lols but yes I am just realllyy excited for this trip! It'll be a lot of firsts for me: my first actual time travelling outside of the Asian continent, my first fifteen-hour-long flight & needless to say, my first time in America. I hope it's everything I dreamt it to be with the aid of TV shows, books, hearsay and visual Instagram pictures. 

Oh which I'm reminded of: I got a job as a freelance writer at a magazine publishing company! It was sudden: I received an email about it, then I was told to head to their office at Hartamas for an interview, then they offered me a job subsequently so I'm really happy about that! Honestly I feel like Carrie Bradshaw (from TCD) sometimes, and I like feeling that way because she's my spirit animal and I admire her, albeit fictitiously, so much. <3 

May was a pretty awesome month; I really didn't expect it to be this good. However it zoomed by pretty quickly, though I feel like I did achieve quite a handful of things this month which I feel fab about. One month closer to IB, though.. Speaking of which, I'm headed to my new school (IGB International School) later in the morning for their open day, so I hope that turns out well too.

1. Maggie Loo's High-Tea Fashion Show

2. Warehouse x Ben Sherman Launch 

With the lead singer, Fuad, of Kyoto Protocol! 
With Amanda! 

3. Jovian Mandagie for Zalora Fashion Show

I posted the outfit shot for this event below! 

4. MONKI Autumn/Winter '14 Press Day

This was the first 'press day' sort of event that I've been to, and I didn't really expect it to be so, well, devoid of people. I thought I was really early at first, but I realised that was how it was supposed to be. Guests/media people would come at different times of the day (11-5) to get a private 'tour'/personal explanation of the collection. It felt like a very private & exclusive event, and honestly I did have a lot of fun because I met a bunch of rad fashionistas (as pictured below) who mostly worked as fashion stylists/editors for their own magazines and we had a swell time trying on the Monki AW14 collection & just taking photos of us & having a little photoshoot lols.

5. Syozmir Izwa for Zalora Fashion Show


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Fancy + Jovian Mandagie for Zalora Fashion Show

I styled this outfit for the Jovian Mandagie for Zalora Fashion Show, though I took these photos after. Always dress to kill. 

Do you like this cross-over bralette from @WildFashn? IT'S ONLY RM35. Impeccable quality as well, it stretches but it's not too elastic to the point where it looks/feels rubbery. Get it now before it's sold out! They also have a lot of other cute bralettes and other clothes so be sure to check them out on Instagram. This top is also very versatile as it's white & can be paired with basically anything. 

Also it dramatises the neckline which eliminates the need for grandiose jewellery & huge chunky necklaces. (which are cute but not appropriate at all times right?) I feel like this bralette in itself is already an accessory. 

I chose this bodycon miniskirt because I really liked the hue of purple & I thought it juxtaposed the white enough to make the top pop. 

Wear this outfit with peachy lipstick & dangly earrings & you'll look fancy enough that everyone around you would already know. (OBSESSED WITH IGGY IGGY) 
Top: @WILDFASHN on Instagram
Skirt: H&M 
Heels: Zara 
Earrings: My mom knitted them! 

I love the racer back details! 

Onto the event! 
I'll do a long writeup on this on so til then, make do with these photos okay. HAHA. 
With the designer Jovian Mandagie! 

Getting really chubby ugh. HAHA but idc, body positivity okay. 
The spectrum of the grand staircase. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Shu Cean


Since you made me cry on my birthday now it's my turn hehehe. 

I met you when we were like 10, and honestly since then everytime we're around each other we still click as easily & automatically as we do now. We just have this connection with which we just understand each other on a whole other level without needing to explain or even say it sometimes. Our moods are always corresponding & we basically have the same opinion about well a lot of issues. Besides your ideas on planning & neatness luls. 

In so many ways I couldn't imagine my life without you. Who would I have been laughing my ass off everyday of high school if not with you? Who would I have been doing the weirdest most randomest unthinkable shit with if not with you? Who would I have been doing push-ups outside each science class with? Who would I have been complaining about prefect duties with? (okay well this one has a lot of people) Who would've been telling me the stupidest puns & jokes all through classes? Who would I be calling at 3am for the fun of it? (HAHAH sorry) Who would I be making comics about a fictitious Simran & Jessalyn with? 

I admire you in so many ways. Your strength, for one. That's the most obvious right? I still wish I had your tenacious grip & your stubbornness sometimes. And your biceps. But people sometimes overlook your kindness. I mean really, you're one of the most genuinely nice & compassionate people I know. Obviously you can be mean sometimes lols but it's never too harmful & it's usually funny. You never put yourself first and that inspires me a lot. You were always there for me since forever and I have the world to thank you for it. Also, you're so beautiful. I just wanna punch you for it but then you'd defend it and punch me back and I'd die.

We've been through so much together & you're one of the very few people whom I actually truly know & truly love. 

Love you, asshole. xx 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Basic Brandy Melville-Inspired Outfit

Found this random tank top in my closet & saw that it was from Brandy Melville, which is a store I absolutely adore. So I put together this tank, tube top & skater skirt combo which looks very laid-back & au natural, like any Brandy Melville outfit would look.
 I'm not wearing any makeup in this post because I was too lazy to put any on. Also it pertains to the 'au natural feel' of BM fashion, so.. Shoes, for the matter, as well, it seems. 

Top: Brandy Melville | Tube Top: Cotton On | Skater Skirt: Cotton On | Heels: Zara

Look how much these heels make me look taller! It also completely transforms the outfit into something classy you could wear for events or parties, etc.
I love this inner tribal tube top that I'm wearing because Brandy Melville's 'one size fits all' theory (which is erroneous, obviously) made this shirt slightly too big/low for me. I like how the tank feels, nonetheless! Although the material is very thin & translucent, it feels super soft & stretchy on your skin. It doesn't feel like a rip-off counterfeit, if you know what I mean? 

I also did a hair curling tutorial for this style which I will post up soon! :) 

Monday, May 19, 2014

The Butterfly Project Birthday Bash: Laser Warzone, e@Curve

This was my first time at a Butterfly Project event, which is basically a Malaysian internet community for beauty or lifestyle bloggers. I've only joined it a few weeks ago, and I think it's a fantastic idea that brings all of us together and gives us tremendous opportunities to grow as bloggers and together as a close knit group of connections & girls -- such as product reviews, invites to special events, etc.

So it's been a year of all this good stuff, and what better way to spend it than to backstab & kill everyone with infrared lasers on our backs, right?

Laser tag is reminiscent of playing catch as children -- like a very much revamped & advanced version of ice and fire, or police and robber. Except we don heavyweight (not really) army-style vests instead of grubby frocks, play in darkness aside from evanescent flashes of neon paint instead of outdoors in bright sunlight & chase each other around with laser pointed guns instead of reaching our hands out to tag our opponents.

However, laser tag does bring back the exact same inexorable feeling of happy breathlessness, the sweaty glimmer on our epidermises like a layer of shimmer foundation, and the same victory cheers evoked from winning others as in the nostalgic skylarking childhood game.

Since this is a 'beauty blogger' community, I should probably start wearing makeup more often.. HAHA. 

Okay, so on to the event! I arrived slightly late & when I got there, everyone was already grouped & talking & eating. So I went up to each table & introduced myself & had a pretty stimulating confab with everybody. We had a party room which is reserved for events, and there was also a rather extravagant display of Malaysian delicacies for us to break fast and snack on.

After a while of socialising/eating, we were divided into four teams. 

We called ourselves Team Mulan!

 If you're wondering 'Why Mulan?', well, you clearly haven't watched Disney's Mulan. THE LIMIT TO THIS CHINESE HEROINE'S BADASS LEVEL DOES NOT EXIST. If you are an advocate of feminism, female power & you're anti-misogynistic, watch Mulan. And fist pump your entire way through.) Also, most of us in the team were Chinese so the name kind of fell into place HAHAHA. (jk)


^ Yes, this completely represents us.

On to the game, all of us were to play a total of four games throughout the party. We first had a free-for-all game to get the feel & the mechanics of the game. Then we had three next games against other teams! 

This is how it looks like inside. You have 10 minutes per round and they play like crazy beats inside, with DJ mixes like Martin Garrix's, etc. It makes you feel so pumped up! Like you only have 10 minutes to save the world or something. (Yes obviously I'm a very dramatic person)

Photo credits to Laser Warzone.

So basically how we play this game is to shoot others, duh. The scores we get for hitting a target on the vest in front is 50, while we get 100 points for shooting a target on the back of another vest.

Team Mulan! 

Credit: Laser Warzone's Facebook

Hey guess who Tank is! ;) ;) ;) ;)

Photo Credits to the Butterfly Project

The winner's trophy! 

Team Mulan got last but no one had any idea why because I thought we won like 2/3 of the games against other teams.. :( 

While announcing the winners.

(The guy on the right is so cute omg.)

Here are a few of the photos I took with some really amazing beauty bloggers I met!

Sabby! Such a nice sweetheart. Go check out her blog! 


Picture credit to: YandraSap
All 40+ of us.

It was a really fun mornoon; come to e@Curve and play this for a very cheap & competitive price as compared to other laser tag joints in Malaysia, without sacrificing a single ounce of thrill. Best value for your money, no? 


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