Friday, March 21, 2014

8 Things I Find asdfghjkl Attractive About People

Regarding the title, I think we've established that I think "asdfghjkl" or its similar counterparts should be an appropriate adverb for expressing extreme sexual frustration & agitation & overwhelmingness. I hope this post doesn't come off as superficial or shallow or anything, because it's not a list where I'm numbering my favourite face/body features or anything. Just generally, traits & personal merits in people, not just boys, that I have found to have drawn me to and to have fascinated/ interested me. But I'm not saying that if I find someone who possesses all these traits (which would be pretty damn fantastic), I'd immediately run off & elope with him in Las Vegas or something, haha. I'd just swoon a little. I had this idea to do this list because I'm curious to know what people find attractive about other people, so in case anyone's curious about what I find attractive, here it is. And of course there are many variations of this that differs personally so yeah:


Can't stress this dress enough. Guys/girls who are well-dressed and who basically carry themselves embodying their own personal sense of style, be it in the form of manner of clothing, words, hair, speech, etc = 1010101010% wow. I don't care if you have pretty eyes or nice abs or not. This has nothing to do with that. I just think that people who have that innate and unique sense of panache are absolutely beguiling. It's just so nice to know people who can dress really well, which is what I would define as a rare & fine quality. I don't stare at people, I stare at how they are dressed. I think the most common myth is that you have to be rich or have a nice body in order to have enough resources or the frame to "pull it off". But the truth is, you don't. "Fashions fade, style is eternal," preached Yves Saint Laurent. Noting that, though, I still don't think that you need to have all the designer brands or follow all current fashion trends to be considered well-dressed. People with flair tend to be resourceful & make use of whatever they have. Heck, you could wear pasar malam Despicable Me T-shirt and look classy af if you know how to style it well. I mean, if you even make a conscious effort to dress well, that's already a bonus. Everyone has a sense of fashion and if they explore that, they'll go a long way with upping their outward attractiveness, if that's what they want. I'm not saying everyone should be fashion blogger material, I'm just saying that everyone can be if they wanted to. I myself am trying really hard to dress better and to 'find my own éclat', not just sticking to the generic vogue.

And it's not just the clothes you wear. It's also the style of how you exhibit yourself.
source: tumblr &
Blair Waldorf & Chuck Bass. My favourite on-screen couple, and coincidentally, the best-dressed one, EVER, I would say. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

KLMUN 2014

I decided to come to KLMUN on a whim, because I knew the Sec-Gen (Megan Lee) & I thought, why not? I haven't been attending MUNs for the past year or so, after SGMUN, so I didn't mind going again. Besides, KLMUN conferences are always pretty damn amazing and I've been going for two years in a row now so again, why not? I was assigned to be the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in the Advisory Panel on the region of the Middle East. I learnt a lot in the midst of researching for the three topics (role of foreign intervention, measures to prevent the spread of infectious disease & preventing terrorists from acquiring chemical/biological weapons) and this is the first conference where I actually came prepared and was active & not to just fool around. (I won my first award! Most Improved Delegate hahaha.) I was really comfortable with my committee because 1) it was really small, only 15 'experts', so everyone spoke constantly, and 2) everyone there was so nice and cute and laughed at my stupid jokes & puns, and 3) the chairs were extremely nice. 

"THE FOOD IS SO GOOD." I think I repeated this phrase like 30 times throughout the whole conference. Apparently 90% of our RM100 fees were going to the food. Wow. GIS is catered by Ben's, so... ye. The snack breaks were so plentiful omg there were like Nature Valley bars & buns & donuts & a whole array of fruits. #neverhungry 

This weekend I also hung out with the TIS boys from the MUN team, namely Ishaal, Kahlil, Bryan, Rashid, Baaldesh, and Sebastian who was Russia in my committee. It's been too long. Speaking of them, go sign up for TISMUNKL now! It's on April 25-27, so mark your calendars. They're an all-guy Secretariat Team, after last years' MUN batch left. HAHAHA
Nitin, Priss & Stanley with the banner outside our committee! The lion illustrations are so amazing, I can't even give enough credit to their designer, who told me she did it on Photoshop. *sharp inhale*
w Priss & Chea Mun :) 

POLICE DONGGGG. Cutest Korean ever. 

Somila, Dep-Chair who is the G-est of them all & so cute & loud & eccentric I can't even.

Azman, who I sat next to for 3 days and constantly whispered indignant / annoyed comments to.

The Chair, Stan aka the nicest US delegate ever, and Somila :) 

Medicine Sans Frontier; aka Aileen Loolooo. She's so nice & down-to-earth & makes the best comments ever about being hungry. 

Priss <3 my MUN buddy, after so many conferences together. 

Meet my new spouse, Jasmine! we met each other on friday 'cause people told us we were alike then we literally hit it off & got married, heheh.

GIS/ Nexus guys! 

Jasmine, Ina & Raveena. x

Willem. < It rhymes with Gollum, so he's cool. 


 Then after that, as it was Bryan's birthday we went over to 1MK to have lunch with him.

Magic Mike & Romannnn

Sorry for the hiatus. A lot has been happening lately & I've been pretty busy. Oh! and I got the scholarship at IGB international school. So for those who have been asking me on, I'm going there this August fr the IB Diploma course. Pretty terrified but also excited. :) 

see you sooon.

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