Saturday, January 25, 2014

IGCSE Results Day

It was finally the day that I've been slightly dreading since the day IGCSEs started. Actually thought it would never happen and that IGCSEs also never did. But gah. It came (heh) and I guess it wasn't as bad as I expected, cause I finally saw everyone again who I probably haven't seen since, like, prom (?) or my birthday & it was really nice to see them. The craziness and loudness was circumambient and enclosed the entire school compound with everybody either screaming (mostly Chew) or crying (or emotionlessly standing around.) I was the one who was jumping around scared ahaha. My hands were shaking really hard & it was like that pre-race feeling. Only, the race is done & you were blind during the race so you don't know how well you did. And you're about to find out. 

Honestly, I didn't cry or feel super sentimental about my results in that 'omg I worked so hard & my prayers finally were answered way' because .. I don't know, I came a long way from my UPSR days and my twelve-year-old hardworking exam oriented days are so over. It's just that I got really lazy during the long IGCSE weeks - the exam carried on for so long, 5 weeks I think - how can somebody possibly take exams in that unreasonably cold temperature consecutively for five weeks and not get bored or lazy to cram everything every night?! I did work really hard before the exams started but it's not like I sacrificed everything to take the exams so I didn't get super teary or feel extremely grateful or anything. I felt pretty indifferent. 

Anyways, I got 9A*s and 1A in maths which I'm pretty satisfied about cause yeah I never liked maths.

If you're feeling bad about your results, don't. Because your high school exam results don't predetermine the rest of your life for you. No ones gonna ask you what you got for your IGCSEs in 20 years when you're a successful businessman, lawyer, doctor, public relations manager or whatever. So just work hard & you'll get where you want & you certainly don't need some meaningless certificate to enslave your options for the rest of your life. And exams aren't exactly a good indication of how intelligent you are too, really. Just how much you can memorize & assimilate information. Which to some extent everyone is capable of, so why fret? 

After getting the results & eating Shu's amazeballs brownies, I went shopping with my mother again. Crazy sales at Bershka!! and Cotton On Body omg. *CRIIESSS* I love cheap clothes so much. Tip #1 for shopping at Cotton On: don't buy anything unless they're on sale. Because in like 1-2 months they're gonna be probably RM30 & below! My haul, in a hap-hazarded pile on my floor: 

SO YEAH. Chinese New Year festivities are coming up and I can't be more excited for one of my ultimate favorite times of the year! 

Goodnight everybodyyy. <3

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Yoga Silhouettes

The Boat & The Upward Dog/Cobra.

Still trying to improve my flexibility with yoga but I feel like I am too impatient a person for a practice like yoga, albeit its calmness and meditativeness. Really trying to work on it. I really enjoy it, though. And I also really like the Buddhism aspect of yoga - the whole inner-body self-connection enlightenment concept.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What Girls Do When They Go Out

Hi hi! So I went out ( after work ) for the first time in forever since .. forever yesterday with the twins & also Synn Jenn. We went to pav and basically we shopped and talked about girly things and ate ahahaha. It was a good day.

We had lunch at manhattan's fish market as usual. I'm always craving this and whenever we're together we somehow always end up coming here.
We look super yellow hahah. My iPhone's front camera is pretty messed up :p 
Synn Jenn permed her hair. And leey dyed hers. Non hair virgin gang :p

After that we just walked around and bought shit hahah. We walked to h&m at lot 10 and Synn Jenn was sweating really quickly and I found that funny. 

Then while we were outside h&m these bunch of dudes stopped us and asked us to take photos with them for some t-shirt thing. I think we're cursed to bump into these things whenever we go out la hahaha. (The last time it was Ken (!!!) & singing/shouting for
Shu cropped herself out of the photo cause she thought she looked fat. Lol not at all la aiyo ahhah

So anyways we then shopped for a really long time, bought cute & cheap matching t-shirts from this shop who was manned by two really bitchy I-don't-know-what-ethnicity-your-furry-Chewbacca-eyebrows-came-from people. (Okay sorry I'm dissing their eyebrows but who the hell cares & they deserve it) 1. They were so unbelievably rude. We were trying to pick between red and green shirts and I mean it's our choice, we don't have to make decisions on the spot lol. But they were damn annoyed and went all "RED! GREEN! RED!" in such annoying imitations I felt like punching their faces off. (I think Shu almost did) 2. They were jabbering at us the whole time we were picking out clothes. Oh my god then afterwards, they were like "It's not red. It's MAHR-roon." & they said it so condescendingly and irritatingly. I was like wtf is mahroon bitch and we were all just laughing at how she said it. 
We got really angry and aggressive but Leey shiaan just tried to calm us down in her peaceful ways hahah. 

Then we shopped more and ate those rm1 vanilla sundae cones & nuggets from McD. 
So yeah that's that. We walked back to pav and then my mom picked me up and we went to klcc. I went to buy more clothes at Topshop while she went grocery shopping. 

Got these high waisted skinny jeans & that crop top in both red and black. Also got some undies haha I LOVE TOPSHOP PRINTED UNDIES. 

Okay bye :)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Getting Fit & Staying Fit (even when you're not 100% disciplined)

(Press 'Read Article' on the topo Regina George gif: It's a lot easier to read from there.) 

Heeey guys! This is a wordy post that talks about fitness & health and some tips I have rendered useful and an amazing help over time. To be frank, fitness is a regime that requires strenuous commitment and while that's true, you can't just go super extreme on your first day. And honestly, you just can't stay super extreme for the rest of your life. When you're trying to do it in the long term, it becomes harder and harder to stay on the extreme clean eating and hard exercise path. What has made it easier for me, though, are these mantras and tips that kept me motivated especially when I wasn't feeling too much into it.

I guess I've been a partial, intermittent 'fitness nut' since I was about thirteen and read my first Seventeen magazine: discovering the workout section; and it was then when the thought that my thighs were fat and unattractive firstly manifested and bubbled through in my mind - even then when in reality they were pretty much skeleton thin. I started comparing my legs to the ones of the girls who were photographed working out in the magazine, and that's pretty much where it all started. That's how twisted and unattainable things can be when you're unhappy with yourself. And then those thoughts went from bad to worse and there was a point where I was just really really unhappy about my body and then I gave up, I was like what the heck and ate a lot and went through puberty and now I'm stuck with this body I have now. Which isn't bad to me, but I wouldn't really mind being leaner and stronger.

 I've gained an ample amount of fat & lost a substantial amount of strength & muscle after the no-workout, eat-all-you-can december holidays  - hahah. So I've made a NY resolution to lose some weight (for the first time ever). My weight is always really stable. It either goes up as I grow taller (along the years) and even if I workout hard or eat really badly it just stays the same at 100 pounds forever.

-Regina George. Well, in my case, five.

So yeah. My short-term goal is just to lose weight for the heck of it and lose fat everywhere. I feel that weight loss and fitness shouldn't be solely about attaining a covetable, cynosural look by itself; My ultimate goal is just to feel happy with myself I guess. To feel strong. To be strong. To look in the mirror and be satisfied and not have to flex my abs to see them and not have to try and shrink my legs in every photo. And to be able to beat up 2029402 rapists and a dragon (preferably one that's voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch hheh) at once like some Chinese warrior. Yesss.

Over the years of Tumblr-ing as a fitspo ( and also scouring the internet and following fitness icons and attempting, stopping, and restarting again my quest to become super healthy in the long term without being super extreme, here's a list of ( realistic ) tips I made to acquire that elevated status as physically fit & healthy: 

1. Make yourself healthified treats! 

Remember, you can have treats on a daily basis too! It's also best if you made them yourself - I've discovered an interest in cooking/baking things because of fitness - it's just amazing that you can almost make everything healthy. Some healthified version of things may actually come to taste even better than the whole versions. Honestly, making these things make me feel super good about myself and also it makes me feel a lot better about the whole eating clean thing. It's not just about eating salad and oatmeal for every meal - you can have basically anything you want, but in a toned down, lower-calorie option. Here are some of my absolute favorite, easy-as-fudge recipes or websites: 


Okay so I really lovelovelovelove brownies so when I found this recipe I was so ecstatic! I made these about thrice before and they are amazing! Taste-wise, they are as good as normal brownies. Also, they are so incredibly, impossibly simple to make. 

And from that brownie recipe, you can create cupcakes from the almost the same batter without much variation too! 

Chocolatecoveredkatie has been one of my favorite to-go dessert (not even considering health or not) website ever since I've discovered it. She has so many cookie, oatmeal, cupcake, bar, blondie, brownie recipes that you'd probably be making more than you want. SO AMAZING. Everything tastes so good and fudgey and cakey and real. 

Because what's better than healthy fast food? 

I don't know how you NOT know who Cassey Ho is, but check out her website for amazing Pilates workouts that are so fun and also the easiest healthy recipes ever. (Banana ice cream, burgers, crepes, all kinds of pancakes, etc) 

Or if you don't mind eating a little more carbs, you can just make whole-wheat tortilla pizza. Bake the tortilla or pita bread 'crust', and slather some tomato-based pizza sauce and toppings and bake! 

#4 - HEALTHY BURGERS (& baked sweet potato fries)! 
These are great for breakfasts/lunches - like those McDonalds' McSausage thingies. Except you just whole-wheat buns/pita bread/bread and make your own grilled patties with ground turkey/tuna/salmon/chicken/veggies/even black bean or buy them frozen and use low-fat cheese and add a fried egg if you want, then add as many veggie toppings as you like. And you can do this for any kind of burger you want. The calories are pretty low & it's easy to make and it's something you can eat on most days. Add a side of sweet potato fries & just melt

#5 - Protein Pancakes

One of my favorite ever foods that work for every meal of the day - pancakes!!! 

I hope this subsection convinced you that you really, really don't need to sacrifice all your favorite foods in order to eat healthy. You can search for so much more in these websites: 
skinnytaste, blogilates, chocolatecoveredkatie, Tumblr, and the list goes on. 

2.  Keep a fitness journal.

I have this 365 journal that someone gave me out of the blue, that I use to log everything I eat and all my workouts, my measurements, stats, my sleep, my feelings towards the aforementioned, hydration, etc. It's pretty useful. I just started this year. I also have this motivation technique in which I award myself RM10 every day I exercise and RM10 everyday I eat clean. By awarding myself, I mean allowing myself to use that amount of money. It's pretty helpful, though. When you look back and realise how well/badly you were eating. How hard you worked. How much you deserve a little indulgence. It really keeps you going.

3. Sleep enough. 

Like everyone always yaks about - you do need eight hours of sleep a night. Six, at the very least. Your body needs to repair cells that are torn during your workout - and it does that only by resting and with adequate rest. Besides, sleeping enough increases the hormones that control your appetite so it'll be easier not to eat everything you see. So yes, go ahead and stay in bed the whole day if you want (until gym time).

4. Try as far as possible to eat clean. 

I know it's difficult but fresh is the way to go! 

Dieting, to me, is the HARDEST part of getting fit ever. I'm just a very extreme person. I either eat everything I want, stuffing my face with the fattiest, indulgent foods ever or I eat next to nothing everyday. And I can't do moderation. I can't eat like one cookie and stop. It's either I don't, or I eat the entire box. Yeah. That's bad. But I'm learning to cope with it. It's taking more time than I want but like yeah. Fitness is a long journey. It doesn't end with a workout program, nor does it end with your 'goal weight'. It's alright to binge, it's alright to eat dirty once in a while. That's how you cope with it. Besides, I'm also trying to eat cleaner because it'll help clear up my skin and y'know, eliminating junk does clean up the insides of your body too as well as your face, hair, dark circles, etc. So that's another motivation. 

But just so you know.. dieting isn't just about calories. It's what you take into your body. It's what your body can assimilate, and make use of, from the nutrients you supply your body with. You could eat a 1200 calorie diet of Diet Coke and sugar and processed shit and lose weight - but your own body would be the one suffering from lack of nutrients, and thus slow metabolism. You would lose weight, but probably you'll lose a lot more muscle mass & bone density than fat. It won't be pretty, trust me. So take note of your macros and where your calories come from in total, not just calorie intake! And be aware that your body isn't designed to eat most of the stuff that's in most processed foods. So when your body doesn't use it, it just accumulates as fat. And not just that - they are very very harmful to your health, possibly carcinogenic, even, as a whole. So stick to natural and organic ingredients as far as possible.

5. Get a Tumblr fitspiration account.

Can't stress this enough. Seriously though. Being a part of an ever-increasing community that has similar fitness and health goals as you, sharing and reblogging all inspiring photos, infomercials, recipes, motivational quotes, bodies to look up to.. It's exhilarating to always have a steady influx of motivation where you need it, when you're feeling a bit sluggish and bloated, I guess. It's a really good pick-me-up. The best thing is, that us 'fitspo' bloggers are so ready in giving sound advice to newbies and people having trouble. All you have to do, really, is ask. If you don't want to sign up for an account, here are some of my absolute favorite accounts you should definitely follow and check regularly. 
thefitspo (Shu Cean's), damnshesfit (mine), runningismyboyfriendtobeshreddedasfuckfitsportgirlfastgirlsdoitwellfuneralformyfat, muffin-toplesssunnystrongallylifts.

6. Be realistic & accept yourself as you are.

I used to do it for mainly aesthetic reasons because I didn't feel like I looked good, but now I realised fitness is much more attainable, and in a sense healthier, if you don't keep images of other women's bodies as our goals. I mean yes, looking at pictures of pretty, lined abs and toned legs and Victoria's Secret models is amazing motivation but we shouldn't just strive to exclaim "Oh my god, can that be me?" at each one (though yes at times I am guilty of doing that too). It's good to dream, but not to such a huge extent where you are literally working out and eating clean for the sole goal to look like them. It's unrealistic and frankly it's just disappointing if you're expecting to turn out with a body looking like exactly another. Because it's not going to happen, really. What you can hope is that you turn out like yourself, but improved as somebody who really truly accepts their own bodies and flaws. Not one who exchanges their flaws for something that you perceive as perfect, when in reality, you already are. #smooth That's just my philosophy on getting fit.

Make short-term goals as well as long-term ones. They keep you grounded and focused.

7. Workout shorter but do more intense shit.

If you find it hard to get motivated to workout, I suggest you do the Focus T25 workout program. Currently I'm doing it. I'm on the third week now and it's going pretty great. It's a workout by Beachbody and Shaun T's the trainer in this one again. I've done (and not completed) Insanity, Insanity Asylum and Insanity Asylum vol. 2 before and I've loved them all. I think T25 is the best for now 'cause it just keeps you focus and in the mood for 25 minutes - you don't feel the need to stop even if you're dead tired because it's so short and quick and still super intense. You don't feel like stopping because you get that mentality that there's ONLY 15 minutes left. ONLY 10 minutes left. ONLY 1 minute left. So you'll keep pushing on. You never feel like it's draggy or super long. So it just seems like the best one to me, because it packs like a 40-60 minute workout within that 25 minutes. And you make sure that you do your best in that short amount of time.

Also, WEIGHT LIFT occasionally. More muscle equals higher metabolism so higher fat burn. And weight lifting is also a pretty intense cardio workout for me. 

There are a plethora of other short intense workouts like Blogilates HIIT workouts,, Nike Training Club workouts (download this app on your iPhone), sprints/jog/walk combinations and a lot more on YouTube etc. If that doesn't work for you - just find what you like. I'm just personally not someone who particularly wants to spend 3 hours on a treadmill.. I'd probably be bored to tears. But you can do anything. Rock climbing, ice skating, inline skating, swimming, dancing, long-distance running, whatever. You're your own person. 

8. "Fall down seven times, stand up eight."

I really believe in this Japanese/Chinese saying. You're gonna stop working out for a few days or a few weeks or a few months, you're gonna say, "Fuck it," and eat that Big Mac or those cheese fries or that huge ass lasagna. You are. AND IT'S PERFECTLY FINE. It's not cheating, because this isn't a game. It's a journey and you're going to eat badly once in a while in order for you to stay sane and happy. You're gonna have to rest your body for a while. Can't stress this enough. You just need to relax and let yourself recover. But you're gonna come back in and you're gonna kill it once more. Control yourself, but know when you have to loosen your reins. That's how you survive.

So yeah, that's it.
 Feel free to ask questions or  anything. I'm not a qualified anything; I'm just offering tips which have made fitness easier and funner for me.


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

First Day in the Corporal World

OKAY SO I'M QUITE PISSED ATM BECAUSE I WROTE AN ENTIRE LENGTHY POST ABOUT THIS AND I EXITED THE BLOGGER APP TO EDIT A PHOTO AND WHEN I CLICKED IT BACK THE ENTIRE.POST.WAS.GONE. *mutters incoherent swear words* Thank you so much, Google, for the extremely helpful autosave function. Thank you so much, Apple, for the super-efficient multitasking system. <3

adslkajg. Here goes, a lamer version of everything I wrote earlier.

So today, I ventured into a new, uncharted territory today: Work. Office. Corporation.

And having been in the 'zone' only one day, it might not be conclusive but I've come up with an early verdict which I will explain at the end of the post.

I headed to the office at about 10am with my dad today. He introduced me to the team and after that he left. My "coworkers" were super friendly, albeit being twice my age on average. Hahaha. So after all that we got down to business and I was given a tour to meet everyone and then I found my desk:

Prettified with filters, ehhe. 
My 'neighbours' were mostly on holiday I think. 

My dad had 'hired' me for a month to help with social media marketing. Today what I had to do was draft out, get inspiration and narrate a YouTube advert and also to set up an online eBay store for his products. After that we're gonna film/animate/edit it & whatever that goes from there! Hopefully it turns out good.

One of my favorite parts were this 'attendance card' machine. It was so cool. You write your name on one of the cards and you put it inside this machine which then stamps out at exactly the write place what time you check in/out. Wtf right. I love weird ass machines.

There was then a lunch break for an hour. Firstly my aunt (who works there) and I picked up lunch for my cousin, then we went to school to pick up my baby cousin who's IN HIS FIRST YEAR OF KINDERGARTEN! (Confession: I used to stubbornly spell it kindergarden.) I met some of my old kindergarten teachers who remarkably still remember me. Albeit faintly. After that we headed back to the office where I ate. At the 'lunch table', I talked to this pleasant, slightly chubby guy who was 22 (so badly I wanted to sing 22) and didn't believe I was sixteen. He thought I graduated from uni and went to work there, hahha. That's a first :p *drunk laugh*

After lunch I commenced 'work' and getting to know the people.
I left early, at like 3.30pm. The working hours end at 6.30pm. But whatever, I'm sixteen, not six-thirty.

This was what I wore which I'd like to call the Prep School Intern outfit: V-neck sweater, button-up shirt and grey pleated skirts. I also made the mistake of wearing my red wedges today. Oh gosh. I walked so slowly hahaha.

My verdict on this world:
I actually like it. I like the diverse people and I like the busy ambience of the place. But I wouldn't want to spend the rest of my life cooped up in any office being stressed till my hair goes grey, y'know? I don't want to feel chained to one place, one desk, everyday until I grow old or until I earn enough cash to feed myself. One month is fine, though. In the future I just really want to be a freelance writer. An explorer of thoughts and exotic places, with daily wanderlust and a large enough vocabulary to describe the amazing sights to capture with words. But for now, I'm looking to make the best of this work/internship opportunity. :) 

Blog more soon. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Top 12 Senior Moments of 2013

Hi guys! To start the new year officially, and this blog, and finally accept that it's not 2013 anymore, here's my first ever long post. Cheers to! (: This might be a very late overdue post but yeah, at least I'm doing it. I had the idea to do this post while I was half asleep last week and have been drafting it in my head while setting up this blog.

2013 was my senior year as a Year 11-er at Sri Garden, and it was a pretty fantastic year filled with the glories of being among the "oldest" and perhaps the wisest at school, with all of the benefits that usually come in between. Such as using "Senior mah" to excuse everything we did. I still haven't completely accepted that I'm no longer a Sri Garden student, and also that Sri Garden no longer exists - it's now under the name of Taylor's International School, which just started yesterday. *creys* But anyway, I'm glad I had the full experience of high school, and I'm glad I didn't miss out on anything. Sports, socialising, studies, romance. Those probably made up most of my year, and I wouldn't change that for anything. Some of these aren't moments but a combinations of similar ones. So.. Here's an overview of my year, in no particular order:

Prepare for a super long post with a load of photos :)

#12 - MSSKL Track & Field

When Sri Garden took the throne and won all the other schools as the champion school of the MSSKL Pudu District :') That was such a beautiful day. I swear I cried when it happened. After a whole week of endless running, jumping, falling, sweating, spending entire days under the relentlessly scorching heat & humidity, looking ugly, skipping school needlessly, going to have Tutti Frutti between events, winning races, losing races, sore legs, losing our voices from cheering and screaming so much, burnt & overly tanned skin, meeting people from other schools, pretending I know how to speak Chinese, sudden outbursts of "We Are the Champions", being the loudest, most patriotic & annoying school there was there, the last day was nonetheless very rewarding to us, to say the least. The first year Sri Garden joined MSSKL, which was years ago, we were placed #30th (or somewhere around there) amidst sports schools and other government schools who trained harder and put way more effort in track & field than we did. Then as the years went by and more and more athletes joined the team, we crept up to #2 last year, then finally, to first place this year. My final year. The final year Sri Garden is Sri Garden. (Which resulted in many sneers & anger amongst the sports schools)

Our trophies. (We also won Best Overall Female Athletes) #GIRLPOWER
The last 4x400m U18 team (: <3 

When it was announced that we won. HAHHA. Look at us, compared to the sullen, indignant faces of the other schools with their arms crossed and lips curled and all. 

Here are some other pictures from other days: 
Sanduni Medonsha Lasjgalkjea HAHAHA I still laugh everytime I see this.
My qurlfrenz. <3

#11 - Winning Sports Girl / Best Athlete;

I remember looking at the seniors winning Sports Girl and such titles when I was thirteen or so, in my first years of high school. I remember thinking to myself, "That'll be me one day." And I stuck through to my promise. It was more so that I had trained so hard for this, to win, to break records, for such a long time and for such a sustained effort than I actually managed to win the coveted (imo) title. Long distance, sprinting. Both took so much of training to get to the timings that I wanted. Long hours after school to train at the track, then to come home and instead of plopping on the couch, for another round of agility training. And repeat. In the long run, it was worth it. Honestly one of my best & proudest accomplishments. I don't think I was someone who was inclined to do sports but training and practicing beats talent, and that's one of the most important lessons I learnt from this whole sports journey.

The ultimate Blue House relay team. <3

#10 - Blue House winning Cheer! 

I'll miss these people so much. More than anything, cheerleading was very very exhilarating and to me it was super unexpected to have won. That day, we nailed the performance even with a couple of mistakes which looked like they were meant to be there :p  The theme was Star Wars, btw. Heh.

#9 - Swimming MSSKL

Winning 2 bronze medals with my U18 relay team. Another week of skipping school & eating KFC & swimming like mad. Here's a photo from my instagram that summarised the week ( :

#8 -  IU Day - Take a Flight with Us.

I really enjoyed being a part of this year's IU. From hectic practices to hurriedly choreographed routines in the last week before the show, I'd say that it was a pretty last-minute preparation, but no doubt it was an amazing panoply of performances with roots from Russia, Hawaii & London. 
Being a Hawaiian Hula Girl; flower crowns & grass skirts in all its entirety. Dancing to Lilo & Stitch. Haaamanaayyaaa-ing with the bitches <3

With my sister Sandra & Erjun the prettiest clown ever and her sister Erqi, who are friends & were in Year 7. That's cute. Hahah.

Again, part of the Hawaiian part of the show; singing Bruno Mars covers with the band - Fabian on the saxophone, Mars Bars on the guitar, Danial on the drums & Hareeen on the piano. 

Here comes the London third of the show; playing the overly jumpy & ecstatic Glinda with Elphaba (Shu Cean) in Popular, from Wicked. Oh, Elphie.
 "Whenever I see someone less fortunate than I - and let's face it, who isn't less fortunate than I? - my tender heart tends to start to bleed." *gasp* *jump* *scream* *dances around the room* *jump* AND WHEN SOMEONE NEEDS A MAKEOVER I SIMPLY HAVE TO TAKEOVER -
In shimmery pink getup, pouncing & running around the stage like a hyper princess. AHAHA and just so you know, Shu Cean took so long to have herself painted green & it was pretty hilarious and everyone wanted pictures with her HAHAHAHA.
I think this picture describes our friendship best.
Polaroids with Elphie.

And lastly, the fashion show; where I was the Bond girl and Amir was James Bond.
I liked this photo which was after I got "assaulted" & hit Norman the thug with my heels and Amir showed up & beat up the other thugs & handed me a gun which was really funny IMO.

*kills everybody in the crowd*

With the boys!
And the girls. x

Then after that we went to Madam Kwan's for a little after-party ( :

& of course a million credits to Estella Lim, IU director & Laraseh, assistant IU director for putting together such a splendid line-up (:

 #7 - SGMUN VIII. 

T'was my last one as Head of Administration and I must say I was pretty sad to have left this club.

#6 - Countless of Sweet 16 parties & surprises.

We had so many Sweet 16s this year among ourselves & I guess it's safe to say that each one went amazing. let's just let the pictures do the talking for this one.

Twaye (& Jack)'s pool partyy!

Nananarnia's Sweet 16.

The birthday girl & me camwhoring behind her. HAHAH sorry Nananarnia :p </3 

Leey Leey's surprise party & sleepover at Ascott (: 
Some drunklike pictures of us. 
Norm, Shen & Amir.

2am trips to 7-eleven. <3
& the next day, with the twins.

Shu's party at Westin! 
When we (well, I) bought raincoats & ran back from H&M to Westin in the rain. Hahah.

Dinner party at TGIF!

Terry's birthday! 

Melissa's (:

Cleeement's (: 

Shen's :)


Estella's (:
'Twas the last day of school before our permitted study leave & we surprised her at school with balloons, picnic mats, rugball, tea & brownies. x
Here's a photo of her crying:
Year 11s :)


& last but not least, my own birthday which I will blog about soon. x

#5 - Stepping down as a prefect.

I don't know why/how I became a prefect, but I'm half glad I did because of all the people I got to know from being a prefect, and how we bonded through 'negative cohesion'. Hahah.

It's funny how we can go from as serious as:

This.. this.

#4 - Finishing IGCSEs. (!!)

Nearly two years of studying, two mocks, one month of the real exams & also turning into ice in the hall. It was good to free the shackles on our minds & also hands and finally feel liberated from the tempestuous nature of exams.
Ladies & gentlemen, this is Sri Garden for you. Hahahah. 

With every event comes a celebration. So we celebrated with dinner at Shangri-La & (as usual) taking so many photos that people around us were annoyed.

Then the girls had a sleepover at Twaye's :)

#3 - Officially graduating.

I've been in this school ever since my first year in kindergarten. I think it's been a really wonderful experience which I wouldn't have exchanged for anything else, but I still haven't really accepted that I'm not a high school student anymore. Along the way I think we've all lost and found ourselves again in the form of friendships & betrayals & gossip & secrets, but I hope in thirty years' time we'll be old & grey & still laughing ourselves to tears at our reunion. Love y'all x

 My English class.

#2 - BALI. 

This will be way too long so I'm just going to write a separate post for our senior trip to Bali! Stay tuneddd.

#1- Prom.

Prom was a lovely event, as some would say, the epitome of high school, held on 11.12.13 at Zebra Square. I'll do a separate post on this as well, so for now here's a photo:

Your Prom Queen & King. 

There you go.
Hope you enjoyed this post : )

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