Sunday, September 7, 2014

The beginning of IB Life @ IGBIS

If you've been following me on my social networks & my blog previously, you'd know that I've started school recently on the 18th of August at IGB International School. It's been about three weeks and I have actually been having a lot of fun. I'd have to attest that fact and accredit it to the wonderful people (don't feel flattered if you're reading this guys), the environment, the teachers & really good classes.

My subjects at Higher Level are: English Language & Literature, Biology & Economics. At Standard Level (SL), they are: Psychology, Math & Mandarin B. Surprisingly I am enjoying the subjects I thought I was the worst at: Mandarin & Math. But I guess that's because it's only the first few weeks & we haven't gotten to the craziness just yet.

Also, the way the IB structures its syllabus -- and generally the whole IB concept -- is just so admirable, it's making me feel like a much more profound person even if it's only been a couple of weeks. You'll learn that everything links to everything and you'll learn to actually think while you're studying, and not just to absorb everything you're given to work with. A skill which is so important in life.

Despite that I've been so busy lately -- so many presentations and assignments going on! I wouldn't say that I have NO time to blog, because that would be a lie (sorry), but my leisure time has been severely decapitated from 7 days a week to 2, so that's been slightly daunting on my time left for blogging. But I'm trying!!! I may have took a long break but trust me, I'm back for good!

All in all, my transition from my gap year to starting IB was actually really smooth. I didn't feel like my brain was so empty that information would just pass through it and I definitely don't feel lazy all the time -- in fact my gap year was really very energising in that it made me actually feel like learning: something I definitely wouldn't have felt if, let's say, I immediately cruised off to pre-U in January, fresh off the IGCSE boat.

I'll fill in on the rest with photos <3

Obligatory cute cupcake photo which probably sums up this post!

A bunch of you have asked me for a uniform photo - and I've aready posted this on Instagram but yeah here it is! 

We had this impromptu photoshoot for a university handbook -- and yeah

Track & field at IGB = a beaaaaut <3 

And here's a panorama of the theatre during the orientation day!

I'm joining Theatre & Performances & we're putting up a production this year so I cannot waiitttt to be performing again! 

There's also a 50m & 25m pool (!!!!) 

Funny thing is: On the first week of school the guys & the girls were super isolated. Like we did talk to each other individually but during lunches & classes we all sat separately HAHAHA. It was like "kindergarten all over again". And then after we all went out on Friday night and during the weekend it was all good and fine, no more gender based awkwardness haha. 

At Izzie's house & around Valencia last Friday: 

Then we went to Publika & had dinner at the Red Beanbag with everyone else!

 And Barfly after <3


Okay that's it for now!
I'm gonna try my best to keep up with my blogging endeavours throughout the IB.

Here are my upcoming posts:
1. Some beauty reviews
2. Food reviews
3. More documentations of outings/MUNs/celebrations/Good Vibes Festival etc.
4. An everyday no-heat hair curling tutorial!
5. Outfit inspirations
6. List of favourite books (& most recently read ones)
7. Why you should take a Gap Year
8. An overview of my own Gap Year

Ask me anything in the comments below & I'll answer :)

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  1. What is actually IB? What is the difference between A levels and IB? You deactivated ur ask fm so here is the only way :(


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