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Places to See on a Road Trip in the California Bay Area

This is Part IV of my California: Travel with Me series! 

In this post we were mainly sightseeing out & around San Francisco. I made a list of places you definitely should see in these past two days -- places of pulchritudinous scenery & breathtaking history you shouldn't miss. 

This day took us from San Francisco to the Silicon Valley to Los Altos to Cupertino to San Jose -- and I'll narrate it for you in pictures.

Stanford University 

#OOTD - Top: Cotton On (My mom's) // Jeans: Topshop MOTO // Necklace: H&M // Glasses: Some random shop at Haight-Ashbury Street


(San Francisco) 

On the morning of the fourth day, we went to run at the Golden Gate Park which was a stone's throw from our house at Ashbury Street. It was really chilly in the morning so I didn't wear what I typically would to run.. HAHA. 


(between San Francisco & San Jose) 

After that, we headed to Stanford University which was near San Jose. It's one of my dream universities and seeing it in person was so breathtaking.. I had no idea it was that Cyclopean in size!

The campus was so gargantuan that you need a shuttle bus (or, what seems to be the norm, a bike) to get around from places to places.  

It's like a little town peppered by patches of green lawn & guarded by Hogwarts-like study buildings.

Mind you, one building there was about the size of my old school in KL. 

The view from the Tower above.


(Palo Alto) 

Being a loyal Apple user, it's pretty sentimental seeing the birthplace of the original Mac computer. The very first, authentically developed one, right in Steve Job's garage converted to a lab.

We literally just parked in front of his house, took a photo then left. HAHA. #win

4. 1 INFINITE LOOP (Apple Headquarters)


As I've mentioned before, my family is a huge fan of Apple. 

The merchandise in this store is only exclusively available here at their Company Store. Must be a blast to work at Apple though! 


(San Francisco)

This is one of San Francisco's most renowned landmarks and as we were driving closer and closer the sheer size of it became overpowering.
You can see that the fog is only above the Bridge -- at the corner past the bridge, the skies are blue and perfectly cloudless. 

3 miles long, the proud, red pillars basked in their adamant glory as passengers drove by, gaped open in awe.


Another tourist viewpoint

"One time, the wind punched me in the face. It was awesome."


(San Francisco)

Count on my trusty photographers to take countless photos of me. (Y)
The museum was really quite enlightening and inspiring. It featured the history of Walt Disney's life and how his business started, all his animations and how they progressed through time etc.

I really think Walt Disney is a fantastic man with brilliance and a propinquity for creativity that could never be vanquished and I admire him for that.
"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing." - Walt Disney

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible." 

I feel like this man really embodies the idea of "magic" -- he knows that there is realism in the idea of magic, and he knows that imagination is the core of all we live for and he presents it in a way that ensnares our senses so much that we truly believe it is magic working, but in truth it's just vividness of the imagination.

"Life is composed of lights and shadows, and we would be untruthful, insincere and saccharine if we tried to believe that there were no shadows."

(My brother was taking photos of the Disneyland model & dropped his phone into the hedged display area and his phone squished a couple of styrofoam trees in the doing HAHAHA & it was quite a big affair, apparently it's very serious but someone helped us take it out by those clamp thingies)

Oh, Walt Disney. Thank you (partially) for my childhood. 

I just felt so inspired when I left the place. 


(San Francisco) 

My marshmallow brother. <3 

#OOTD - Cardigan: Bershka // Dress: Bali // Tube top: Cotton On // Backpack: LeSportsac 

Japan Town isn't that great of a place.. It's basically Tokyo Street but outdoors. Nothing much except for a few sushi restaurants, a Daiso and a Japanese supermarket. Which we were all ecstatic about because we all wanted cup noodles HAHAHA. 


(San Francisco)

As you know, San Francisco is a place that's full of hills.
But Lombard street is so WINDY & topsy-turvy & steep that there's always this huge jam as cars move down at, like, 10km/h. It's crazy! It's like a really huge slide for cars. 

There are actually residents that have garages around the street. I feel so bad for them lols that they have to wait like 30 minutes before they can get down the hill everyday HAHA. 

This isn't my picture. Credits to 

We were driving so we couldn't take photos like this from the car. But yeah, this is what it looks like... 


I digress! So besides those things we:  

- Went to Chinatown after a long day on the road and had the worst meal ever. All of us felt like puking but we were too polite to say so until we left then we started complaining like mad HAHAHA. "Si fu zhao zho" HAHAHAHAAHA #PersonalLeowJokes

- Had Taco Bell!
The Doritos shell taco & the normal crispy taco

Taco Bell looks better in photos than it tastes but it's not too bad!! I wouldn't crave it again though lols.

- Road tripped to San Jose (just) to buy The Simpsons Lego Set for my brother who had been wanting it for 20140124 years. We had to hop from so many Toys'R'Us-es and Walmarts and Targets to find it.. And in the end we found it at an official Lego store at some recondite mall. Meanwhile, my sister and I went shopping at PacSun.

- For our last meal in San Francisco, we had seafood at this fancy place at Fisherman's Wharf called Franciscan Crab Restaurant. 

The food was sooooadsaskajg good though! 

We had crab chowder, beef, crab, sourdough bread & carbonara pasta. Mmhmm easily the best restaurant at Fisherman's Wharf. 

Next up is Las Vegas. 
Till then, 

Read more on my USA trip here! 

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