Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bring me Back to Bali, 2K13

I know a lot of things have changed, for better or for worse, since eight months ago, despite how short the time seems to have passed. I just feel like Bali was such a wonderful time especially post-graduation, and right now I really quite miss school & my friends and I feel like I shouldn't waste this experience from being immortalised on the internet so.. Throwback post? Throwback post.

But still. Take me back to the long nights smelling of tropics & saltwater, meals for kings, bathed in the splendour of sunlit backdrops, days spent in adolescent adventure: casually surprised & magnificently moved.

Ayana Rock Bar

Our villa at Pat Mase. Ohmygod I miss that place :(

Absolute peace.

Sunset viewings at rooftop bars.

(Stolen from Shu Cean at - go stalk her!)

My fav, pinã colada. 

Beanbags are love.

(Pictures are only from the first day, but I'll upload more soon) 

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