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A Weekend in Penang Islands // PenangMUN

#PenangMUN - 4th to 6th of July

What better way to start my month than with my two of my favourite things: travel & MUN? On that list also resides airports, walking aimlessly around a city, crazy road experiences, food, and the MUN community. 

I swear, MUN is nothing without the people. 

I was an assistant director for the Malayan Federal War Council, 1950. I think it's the second HarvardMUN Crisis Committee in Malaysia. It was a pretty crazy stint to throw, seeing as this is the first PenangMUN and the first MUN in Penang, period. But the Secretariat were on the whole so lovely and so hardworking and so passionate I must applaud them for making this happen.

If you're wondering why I'm posting this so early (just a day after I got back!), it's because all my photos were already on my phone & my iPhone's VSCOcam makes life a lot easier & longer than Lightroom-ing RAW photos from my Canon (sorry). I brought along my camera but didn't take any photos because I didn't want to lug it around everywhere especially when we went out during the night. Also I was too preoccupied with the moments to actually take photos hahaha, I think I made the right choice. #reasonswhyilikemyiphone

I'm also trying to blog a lotttt more often, and with a lot of stuff on my plate soon I just want to post this up before I forget to (like so many things I've been meaning to write).


Woke up at like 4am after sleeping for approximately 40 minutes, got ready etc then my dad drove me to KLIA2, whereupon I went about airport business (by myself!!!) feeling unreasonably independent. Then I bought a Caramel Macchiato to keep myself alive and met Haris, Jasmine and a couple of other new people at the sitting area waiting for our 7.15 flight. We flew with a few people from Nexus and GIS people as well so the whole plane was peppered with Model United Nations geeks. (ok no we are hot diplomatic people in blazers ok)

Upon arrival, we got our stuff then rented a van to Hotel Royal. After (the girls) getting ready for 28410824 hours, we walked to KDU College. 

Calvin, who pretended to be my father for 3 days.

Literally the only photos I have of the conference that day...

Went to Gurney Hawker Centre later that night! 

Our matching outfits hehe. 
Cendol & char kway teow

Claypot Chicken Rice & "Muar Chee" & Char Kway Teow 

Looks pretty good, no? I found a fried bug in my noodles *CRIES* *CRIES* 

We headed to Love Lane with Kenn, Jae Min, Kyle, Lincoln & Kenneth upon a response of the taxi driver to "Where is a fun place in Penang to go?" 

OHMYGOD we rented this duo bike which is, quoting Kenneth, "so much funner than it looks". It was RM25 for 2 hours and, quoting Jasmine, "we thought we were superb at this thing till we looked back and realised that the boys were pushing us all along" HAHAHA. Must say I'm quite happy ((and grateful)) the boys tagged along because if not.. well.. 

When we came back, all of us played truth / dare. HAHAHA pretty crazy stuff but it was fun. ;)


Wore my maroon blazer & my maroon mermaid skirt and Hariz called me an AirAsia stewardess.

My Committee!

After the conference we walked out to MacAlister (aka Makaslajsk) Road & we had hawker food AGAIN. It must also be mentioned that we saw a freaking Komodo dragon waddling in the drains. wtf dude.. I LEGIT thought it was a baby alligator HAHAHAHHAA

(We're so cute)

Then after dinner we started wandering around the town. 

We wanted to go to the beach, so someone directed us to to this fishing village (I think it's called Chow Jetty) that's apparently famous for being built on top of seawater! I was so fascinated by the way these people live, they live through half-open doors on floors made out of aligning wood & pillars built on the foundation of seawater. You could hear the waves from underneath you, it's pretty romantic. 

askdalksjglaksjglakjgl RYAN aND CHLOE. 


The pier. 

After that we walked to the ferry 'port' to the mainland because we heard it was free and, well, taking a ferry seemed about right. But in the end we didn't because we had to wait 40 minutes HAHA.

We went to this fancy bar and only ordered chocolate lava cake and cappuccino. True story HAHA. 

The lights changed colours every, like, 20 seconds haha. 

The guys trying to look depressed.

After that we walked quite a long way to Fort Cornwallis which turned out to be a huge disappointment, because it was literally just four brick walls with cannons sticking out of them :( 

We ended up just sitting at this concert/music festival grounds/park thingy and talking.

After that, Lincoln, Jasmine and I took a cab to Armenian street upon vague directions to meet up with people in my council for a hangout. It took us so long when we got there because we couldn't find the cafe they were in. Then they switched hangout spots to China House. So we ended up wandering to this super cultural Chinese hotel near by for them to call a cab for us. 

The China House cafe was built inside an alleyway so it was realllyyy long in dimension. You went in and you'd get "transported" into different eras with different settings as you walked in: first from plain coffeehouse to this Oriental setting outdoors and this live band + bar at the very back. 

This Mulan hole in the wall HAHHAHA

"Let's take a photo with the carrot cake"


Why are we always subconsciously matching!! 

& DO YOU LIKE MY NEW BLAZER FROM TOPSHOP. It was 50% off, RM303 was its normal price alkfjalksjfalfksaf.

Jae Min, Kenn & Ryan 

Joe aka Hugh Stockwell AHHA

Lincoln, the twins (Jun & Joe, my chairs) & Jefferi and Joe!

I dressed all tropical bc it is Penang after all! 

I came in as Chin Peng, the Secretary General of the Malayan Communist Party during the time. 
The twins on my left (Jun & Joe) study history in Oxford and they are C R A Z Y intelligent. 
We were preparing for a jumpshot... HAHAHA. 

Really proud of all the representatives for such an awesome level of debate. 

What a crazy experience the crisis committee has been in! It shone MUN to a much, much more prestigious, much more spontaneous & less rigid light -- I LOVED IT. It was everything I loved about MUN without everything I hated about it. Amazing stuff, really. 

I basically spent the weekend getting kidnapped, pretending to be Communists, starting protests and riots, being a part of SWAT teams many times and, as I quote Jun, "making the reps' lives as miserable as possilble." 

So much fun in this committee. 

Closing ceremony
Credits to Penang MUN's Facebook

Kenneth and I were matching huhu :p look at his reluctance to take a picture vs my enthusiasm HAHAHAHA

And finally, Jasmini <3 I'm so glad that she was here on the trip, we were so sappy & happy throughout and we're like innate explorers who meld together. So glad I met this special girl at KLMUN this year. 

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