Sunday, June 15, 2014

Vogue & Chic

Hi! I'm back from Californiaaa & I'm back to work, blogging, my fitness routine & not eating fast food at least once a day! Here's a study of numbers: 

2385728357 calories
2575 photos on my iPhone
1430 photos on my camera
13 days
6 amazing people
5 cities
1 state
1 hell of an amazing trip

I will be doing travelogues about it soon but I need to sort out & edit all the pictures because there are JUST TOO MANY. I will also be doing a very long haul post soon, which is going to be massive in my standards!!! I still haven't cleaned out my luggage yet wtf. That's how bad the damage is. I probably won't be shopping for another year.. or a few months.. [MARK MY WORDS.] 

Back to the the endorsement/outfit post:
(All photos are taken by me. I did not edit these photos in any way, they are straight from the camera.) 

I've been obsessed with paisley prints lately. Understandably, I have also been infatuated with wearing lightweight kimonos, with subtle style disguising an easy cover-up without going too heavy.

And one day this package from Vogue & Chic answered my craving lust: a red paisley kimono.

Overall, the kimono is very flowy & soft & very, very lightweight. It doesn't make it any hotter to wear under the harsh Malaysian sun: but instead I feel that the chiffon material is pretty cooling against damp lightly sweat-sodden skin.

 The laid-back free fitting would fit any pair of shoulders nicely; it doesn't make your shoulders broader or anything but instead look more graceful. (Which I am anything but.)

This beautiful kimono gives a great excuse to wear a revealing top underneath yet it doesn't superimpose against it or shine too much of a focus on. 

Kimono: c/o @vogueandchic
Top: Forever 21
Shorts: H&M
JC Lita-Inspired Bootie Heels: H&M
Head chain: Claire's 

Space buns inspired by Miley Cyrus/Kylie Jenner. Trying to bring in that 90s rocker look hahhaa. 

This Vogue & Chic kimono is like ying yang - it balances everything out. Just like in this bohemian look for today.

An unwarranted selfie. 

Check out, follow & shop at:


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They release new ready stock every Saturday, the owner Eunice is very sweet & prompt in replying/servicing. Vogue & Chic also has other fun pieces like VS-inspired bikinis, midi skirts, playful floral skirts & more! 

Be sure to look out for my US travelogues! 
Till then, 

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