Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Travel with Me: California, pt. I - San Francisco

I want to start a new blog series, 'Travel With Me', inspired by some YouTubers who name their videos stuff like "Get Ready with Me", etc. So let me bring you guys on a wonderful travelogue around California, yes? I'll annotate every part and hopefully make you feel like you're there with me. :)

Let's start with KLIA, as any flight for a KL-ian would. On the Sunday of the first of June.

What I wore to the airport: a Juicy Couture-esque velvet tracksuit/sweatsuit that was so comfortable it was like a velvet blanket constantly wrapped around you! Perfect for flights omfg.

Plane selfies. I think on the bottom left my brother & I look exactly alike for some reason. And my sister looks like a mutated fish on the top right hehehe. 

We transited to Taipei, Taiwan. It was a four-hour wait til the flight to San Francisco.. (The top right of my parents looking cute is actually at KLIA but wtv. I ship them la AHAHA. #relationshipgoals) 

There was a library at the waiting terminal so, like the nerd I am, I picked up Tess of the D'Urbervilles & got absorbed by it for a while. Wanted to steal the book and maybe leave some money there but my sense of justice slapped me. There were also computers so I did some writing bc I hadn't completely finished my article (a diet one for a fitness magazine) and the deadline was a week away.

Our first Starbucks, lols: Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino. (Or something in another order of words)
After our thirteen-hour flight, we reached at about 8pm in San Francisco. First photos in America! 
Time zones ftw. We left that Sunday afternoon at 3pm in KL, reached at 8pm after a 20-hour journey LOL NICE. We spent an hour getting through the very stringent security & usual airport stuff that you just go through but as a kid you just tag along & don't really understand.

I remember feeling very astounded because everyone there was pretty tall & well bigger than me. AHA. I was just like, 'Oh shit, I feel tiny.' 

And it was WAY colder than I expected in San Francisco. I thought it was summer, but it turned out to be really windy & cold the moment we stepped out of the airport into the air. We could see the frost forming from our breaths. It's THAT cold in SUMMER...

We then spent about an hour driving to our place at Ashbury Street. It was S U C H a gorgeous house but we couldn't see that when it was 11pm at night. I didn't really care about how the place looked because the streets were dimly lit, and I was hella sleepy. 

Funny story: When we got into the house, the lights were all off and it was so dark. We fumbled to find the switches but when we did, the lights that were switched on were so dim. We tried & tried but couldn't get it to be any brighter. We were pretty astounded and came to obnoxious conclusions like "Maybe Americans prefer the lights to be more romantic..". 

We really didn't care anymore at that point because we were all famished and hungry and sleepy so my parents decided to go out and get some takeout pizza (Bottom Left!). We devoured the pizzas in the pitifully dark interior (I had to maximise the exposure on that photo, ok). Out of a sudden clamouring after we ate and showered, my dad found the secret to brightness: there was a toggle next to the light switches that slid from dim to bright. Oh my god you can imagine all of us face palming, HAHAHA. 

I went to sleep in about 3 seconds flat; the bed was so comfortable. And the heater was on (top right), and it was so hot I kind of fell in love with it and deemed it my new boyfriend on Twitter. 


The ridiculously comfortable day bed I slept in. The sun rose at like 5am, so consequently we all woke up at about 7am, and surprisingly the only toll jet lag took on me was just to make my sleeping schedules normal (I usually sleep at like 1-5am at home). 

My dad left for WWDC at Moscone West, the five-day Apple conference that was the actual reason why we came. He decided to bring us along to SF to sightsee & to explore around while he attended the conference. But of course we hung out before/after, so in San Francisco we usually had dinners together while my mom, grandma, me and my siblings went out alone during the day.

For breakfast we reheated last night's pizza. We lazed around for a bit until 10am, then went out to Whole Foods Market to get some groceries.
My #OOTD before I realised it was too damn cold to just wear that and consequently put on a sweater. 
Everything I'm wearing is by H&M.

aSLAKGJEAG. I swear to God, it is HEALTH HEAVEN in there. My healthy self just wanted to crawl in there and live there forever. JUST LOOK...

The aforementioned sweater & as usual being stupid 

Quest bars, Lara Bars, Luna Bars. I've heard about all these before and have always wanted to try 'em. Okay health-wise these are amazing, but taste-wise... not to my liking tbh. Maybe it was because I didn't have my healthy mood on there in the US -- all I cared about was just eating as much good-tasting food as I could albeit the amount of calories/nutrition/etc they contained.

We ended up at the next door McDonald's for lunch. LOL of all places, right? I think this is a metaphor for the health level of America: there's a HUGE contrast between healthy & unhealthy and although the gap is big (you have organic, whole foods and then you have the McDonalds' population), the bridge between these two extremes is very narrow, very short & very close by. So you have a population of either extremely fit, gluten-free-living, vegan runners OR overweight denizens who couldn't give a crap. 

(Yes I know that's overgeneralisation and there are surely people in-between but this is just what I observed & I don't mean it in an offensive manner)
The McDonalds was expensive & unimpressive. 

You can see that America is trying to inculcate healthy eating and stuff even in McDonalds', though. You have options between grilled & 'crispy' aka fried meat for each & every burger; there is stuff like oatmeal & yogurt parfaits (right), and the calorie counts are plastered over each entree in the menu, like a huge stop sign or a taunting "THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU'RE PUTTING IN YOUR BODY" signal. I had this grilled chicken burger which was pretty mediocre.

Then we went back home to settle our groceries & to change.

100% monochrome yaw.

Here's another funny story: we were just standing in the streets taking photos and this postman came up to us and asked if we'd like him to help take photos. We stood in front of him 'posing', and he tried to take photos with my camera but after like 3 times the photos didn't turn out. And it was just really funny because he looked so confused & desperate & baffled at the mechanics of the camera that we were all just sort of laughing. And in the end there was no picture. LOL (My sister took these for idek why so I thought I'd explain what went on during the time HAHA)

Oak Street, which is right opposite of Ashbury Street.

Page/Ashbury Street. Did I mention how much I love the road signs in San Francisco? So beautiful.

This is That's So Raven's house btw!!!!! It's on 451 Ashbury Street which was literally ONE HOUSE AWAY from ours! 

So after that we ventured to Haight-Ashbury Street, which is apparently the renowned urban hipster district hub of San Francisco, as is clearly illustrated in the following photos:

 "People will stare! Make it worth their while."
That bokeh though.

There were loads of vintage/secondhand shops around, which my mom was SUPER excited about. 
At the shop above ^, I bought a nude beret & this party mermaid clam shell bra for $3 HAHAHAHAHA WHO COULD RESIST??? 

At the Booksmith, a lovely little place smelling of settled dust and estranged books with familiar covers.

They even had an American Apparel here. I was pretty excited to go in but everything was so overpriced for even very very basic things. Like a dress could cost $80, and the tiniest piece of crop top would cost like $30.. Which I understand is because AA is sweat-shop free with highly paid workers from America that 'contributes to the economy' and stuff, but sorry I wouldn't buy anything in there if I could buy the exact same piece in Forever 21 or something for like 20% of the price lols. 

We went back in the evening and had red velvet cupcakes. The sun sets at about 9pm so it's still really bright.

We waited for my dad to come back, and then when he did we drove out to this Japanese restaurant on some street which I can't remember and had dinner there. The food was mediocre, but it had this lingering aftertaste which we all agreed on and didn't like. Maybe it's just the meat in America that we're not used to.

After that we went to a Target and this happened:

Shitloads of ELF products which are all about $1-6!!!!!! I've been looking for cheap makeup in forever because I really hate spending lots of money on makeup lols. Like in Sephora you have to pay RM200 for a brush, literally. It's crazy when I could get the same one for RM6 at ELF. HEHEHHE. And I'm a newbie in makeup so I shouldn't even be spending that much for makeup, so ELF was my solution. (I'll do reviews for these products soon!)

As usual we all plopped on our beds & slept within seconds. #thebenefitsofjetlag


Alright I'm done with this day. THE FIRST DAY took me 3 hours to write & edit the photos of. God, AHAHA. 12 more days left :p Hope you're enjoying your vacation with me ;) 

Till the next post, 


  1. I love reading your blog! it's so refreshing :)

    1. Thank you so much! Reading comments like these make my day. x

  2. hi! May i know what lenses did you use to take all those gorg pictures? =D


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