Monday, June 30, 2014

California, pt. III - San Francisco (Pier 39 & The Palace of Fine Arts)

That day we woke up really early, lazed around & left the house a while after that. Just decided to sit on the ledge outside our balcony and take these photos, no big deal.

OH & I just found out that morning that the house that That's So Raven (my FAVORITE CHILDHOOD SHOW EVER???) was filmed in its exterior was two houses from ours. YAS. (Thank you, Hannah!) 

So we definitely had to walk over (It's at the crossroads of Page Street / Ashbury Street) and take photos. 

Beret: Thrifted // Acid-washed outer top: Thrifted but originally F21 // Halter: F21 // Black high waisted jeggings: H&M // Sandals: F21

We drove to Pier 39, which is at the SF Bay Area.

One thing you should know about San Francisco is that... parking is 1) near impossible & 2) expensive af. We parked at the Pier 39 Carpark & we were there for three hours.. Guess how much parking was? It was about $35 & it was already discounted because we ate at one of their restaurants... $35 is RM112...... for three hours of parking... Okay. 

The carpark was still relatively full btw. I guess people are just used to the rates here. BUT STILL, THOUGH. It was like that when we parked at Union Square as well. 

Anyways, whatever, the place was god damn gorgeous, so here is a very long photo-diary of the day for you:


((disclaimer: was totally not posing))
We call this the marshmallow jacket.


Oh Trish's Mini Donuts are Fantasticccc. I wanted to get a whole huge can of them.

We went onto the pier and hopped into one of the boats (the one labelled "Water Taxi) & our captain steered us away to get a tour of the bay. 

The Captain ;)

A faraway glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge! 

These were seals... sunbathing... SO ADORABLE HALSALFKJSf

My brother & I got to steer the boat at one point!!! AHAHA. Apparently I sucked at it, but at least we survived :<

The Alcatraz, an island notorious for its serving as a prison back in the early 20th century.


After the bay tour that took about thirty minutes, we came back ashore & went on this bungee trampoline thing!!! 

I went on it, and I looked like a total derp but it was so fun & exhilarating! I somersaulted & I felt like I was literally flying, and that feeling was exacerbated by the fact that when I was upside-down the only thing I saw was the blue of the sea, and that felt amazing. 

Here are the least derpy photos of me (screenshots from a video) while on the trampoline. I was screaming at first. HAHA. 

We went to have lunch after that at the Pier 39 Market! It's essentially a fisherman place, with the seafood being deemed as 'freshly caught'. We had clam chowder served in sourdough bread (it's highly popular in SF, idk why), traditional fish & chips, grilled salmon & grilled tilapia (or some other remote unknown fish). Y u m.

We went to this Infinite Mirror Maze thing as well but I didn't take much photos inside because it was so scary! It's a place where you walk into a maze that is made out of mirrors, so you see a million of you's around you in different angles so it looks really realistic, like you're surrounded by yourself. It was actually kind of traumatising, idk. Funny thing about me is that I get really scared over these things but I'd gladly, if not with complete edacity, go on a wild roller-coaster or something.

This place is so nautical! I love it. The wooden floorboards just make you feel as if you're on a ship, or in one of those Pirate of the Caribbeans sailing ports.

Then my mom went to buy pearls. The 'opening' of this oyster was quite the religious, ceremonious affair: the entire staff (and us) were made to chant "ALOOOOHA" due to the oysters' origins in Hawaii.

Pretty neat, eh?


After that, we traipsed to the Palace of the Fine Arts, where it was particularly cold, but the place was absolutely magnificent. There's no other word to describe its majesty & its stupendous, glittering beauty. It was built upon tall golden pillars with caricatures of details in the early 1920s -- it was to be an extravaganza of a festival at that time.

Dusted antique & still maintaining its elegance since early days, this place is a must visit for sightseeing, honestly! 

There were literally SWANS just walking around, unaffectedly, in haughty insouciance. "I'M A SWAN, JUST PECKING AROUND EVERYWHERE. DON'T MIND ME."

 Rustic, bucolic countryside-inspired park overlooking the Palace.

After we left, we went to pick up my dad & then we drove over to the Golden Gate Bridge, but it was so cloudy & foggy & not to mention c o l d, that we couldn't see anything. So we went over to this other ridge & my dad got really fascinated by these clouds which were in fact gorgeous. 

That night my grandma cooked dinner from the ingredients we bought at Whole Foods Market a few days ago (and that day as well). She's such a domestic queen, I swear. She whipped this up within like what, an hour? How come I didn't get that gene? :(

Anyways this meal was really refreshing, I think the Oriental blood in us were all craving homecooked Chinese food.

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