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Beauty Review || Enchanteur Paris Body Lotions

First of all, happy June! I'm currently in the US of A; San Francisco to be exact. If you're not following my Instagram (@cindydyleow), you should go do so now (IT'S MY BLOG I CAN ASK YOU TO DO WHATEVER I WANT TO) because I post photos from the trip very often on there. I'm very very excited to be blogging about the trip. 

It's 11:40PM now & we'llbe flying to Los Angeles later at about 4AM. Yay, I love night flights. 

I've actually drafted this post from a long time ago but I've yet to post it because I had to make final tweaks and I was just really busy to finish it previously so here we go, I hope you enjoy CINDY LEOW'S FIRST BEAUTY REVIEW EVER. *throws confetti* 

This review is in conjunction with the Butterfly Project Malaysia who graciously gave out four of these Enchanteur Paris lotions for us.

I don't know how anyone wouldn't know what body lotion is -- it's a common beauty product found anywhere that would be omnipresent in your life if you're classified as someone, especially of the female gender, with 'dry' skin, as I apparently do. Ever since I was young, my mom has constantly been yakking at me to put on lotion, to slab on lotion after I shower. 

I used to be really lazy to do that. It gave me the most sticky feeling ever, the cream that was perennially adhesive to my skin. But when I didn't for a prolonged time (and managed to get away with it), the dryness would attack and my skin would feel rough to the touch, and I'd have to be forced to slather on the sticky cream again.

But as I grew older I realised the benefits of lotions heavily outweighed the 'disadvantages' which were solely the discomfort of 'sticky skin'. Soon I discovered lotions that were less creamy & that shortly solved the issue -- they moisturised my skin while taking away the sticky feeling because, as they were more water-based, they were absorbed and dried much faster.

The Enchanteur Paris Body Lotions are one of these lotions: They are smoothing, hydrating & moisturizing without weighing your skin down or giving you any uncomfortable sensations.

A more scientific explanation on body lotions: 
Basically it's a concoction based in a combination of oil and water bases, however it differs from regular body cream in that they have a higher water-to-oil base ratio, so they are less viscous and spread more easily. 

The most typical uses of lotion includes hydration, skin colour alteration, protection, anti-aging & for its scents, which I will yak (MY NEW FAV WORD HAHA) more about further down this post!

In this Enchanteur Paris body lotion line, there are four different lotion types suited to different functions & purposes: All-In-One Whitening Body Serum, Triple Whitening Body Lotion, Firm & Repair, and Light & Fresh

Wow. I see a lot of the word 'whitening' or 'lightening'. I think a lot of Asians desire a light & fair complexion. Perhaps it is inspired by Snow White, I feel? The white skin & black hair look creates a sharp contrast which accentuates our features. Personally I am better suited with tan skin (I'd look like a doofus with fair skin, I think), but this is a good product for those looking for a lightening effect on their skin. 

This is a photo of lotion squeezing out on my hand... and only that, no connotations whatsoever. 


I use this lotion before I sleep sometimes because it's really comforting, it helps me sleep with the relief of having satiny skin. It also contains; 
  • Swiss Edelweiss, which helps prevent free radicals and also works to repair damaged skin OVERNIGHT. So doesn't it feel good rubbing this on your skin before you sleep knowing that you'll wake up with fresh new skin? 
  • Micro Collagen. I'm sure you've heard of micro collagen & its miraculous properties that helps to firm up our body tissues, keeping our skin looking youthful & exuberant forever no matter how old we may be.


As I said I'm not a fan of whitening skin products because I want to stay tan, but I liked the smell of this lotion: it smelled like luxury. This lotion contains 3 main ingredients that bring corroboration to the title of this lotion -- "Tripe Whitening": 
  • Licorice Concentrate which prevents the formation of dark pigments.
  • Sakura concentrate which works tyrosinaise activity to even out skin tone.
  • Vitamin B3, which stops the aggregation of melanin to prevent pigmentation.

Seriously, what is the difference between serum & lotion? 
Serums tend to be lighter, clearer fluids than lotions which make them easier to absorb into the skin.
This All-in-One whitening body serum contains everything you need in a body serum and more: SPF, whiteners, & hydration. This contains some active ingredients:
  • Hyaluronic Hydration for 24 hour hydration.
  • Licorice Concentrate to prevent the formation of dark pigments & to even out skin tone.
  • SPF24++ Sun Protection against harmful UV rays.


I decided to experiment with this one, which is by far my favorite. Its packaging really reflects what is inside: it totally smells like lemons. If Victoria's Secret (my favorite place to buy perfumes/body mists) created a lemon fragrance, this would be exactly what it would smell like. Love! 

I brought it outside with me to the pool & slathered it on before I jumped into the pool, swam several laps & just suntanned for a few hours. The sun, as you can probably tell from these photos, was really blazing hot, and I tan really easily.

I don't think I even got a single shade tanner thanks to this lotion! HAHA. Very harmless experiment :p 

Overall, I do actually like this line of lotions. As I repeated so many times, I really like how the lotion has a less creamy texture than watery, and is absorbed really quickly. I also like the scent of these lotions, they smell like hotel bathrooms, really, and the scent lingers subtly on your skin for a very long time, even after swimming & sweating. I like that touch, its fragrance is not too overpowering. 

Enchanteur could work on their packaging, though. I think what's in vogue these days is a simplistic, minimalistic & clean design. This one is slightly too pink & elaborate & girly for my taste.. okay, maybe it's just me.

You can pick these babies up at any participating local pharmacies like your average Watsons, Guardian, etc. 



  1. Have fun in SF! So jealous!! Would have sneaked into your luggage :(

    1. Thank you! I definitely did hehe. Would've been fun if you did :p

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