Monday, May 19, 2014

The Butterfly Project Birthday Bash: Laser Warzone, e@Curve

This was my first time at a Butterfly Project event, which is basically a Malaysian internet community for beauty or lifestyle bloggers. I've only joined it a few weeks ago, and I think it's a fantastic idea that brings all of us together and gives us tremendous opportunities to grow as bloggers and together as a close knit group of connections & girls -- such as product reviews, invites to special events, etc.

So it's been a year of all this good stuff, and what better way to spend it than to backstab & kill everyone with infrared lasers on our backs, right?

Laser tag is reminiscent of playing catch as children -- like a very much revamped & advanced version of ice and fire, or police and robber. Except we don heavyweight (not really) army-style vests instead of grubby frocks, play in darkness aside from evanescent flashes of neon paint instead of outdoors in bright sunlight & chase each other around with laser pointed guns instead of reaching our hands out to tag our opponents.

However, laser tag does bring back the exact same inexorable feeling of happy breathlessness, the sweaty glimmer on our epidermises like a layer of shimmer foundation, and the same victory cheers evoked from winning others as in the nostalgic skylarking childhood game.

Since this is a 'beauty blogger' community, I should probably start wearing makeup more often.. HAHA. 

Okay, so on to the event! I arrived slightly late & when I got there, everyone was already grouped & talking & eating. So I went up to each table & introduced myself & had a pretty stimulating confab with everybody. We had a party room which is reserved for events, and there was also a rather extravagant display of Malaysian delicacies for us to break fast and snack on.

After a while of socialising/eating, we were divided into four teams. 

We called ourselves Team Mulan!

 If you're wondering 'Why Mulan?', well, you clearly haven't watched Disney's Mulan. THE LIMIT TO THIS CHINESE HEROINE'S BADASS LEVEL DOES NOT EXIST. If you are an advocate of feminism, female power & you're anti-misogynistic, watch Mulan. And fist pump your entire way through.) Also, most of us in the team were Chinese so the name kind of fell into place HAHAHA. (jk)


^ Yes, this completely represents us.

On to the game, all of us were to play a total of four games throughout the party. We first had a free-for-all game to get the feel & the mechanics of the game. Then we had three next games against other teams! 

This is how it looks like inside. You have 10 minutes per round and they play like crazy beats inside, with DJ mixes like Martin Garrix's, etc. It makes you feel so pumped up! Like you only have 10 minutes to save the world or something. (Yes obviously I'm a very dramatic person)

Photo credits to Laser Warzone.

So basically how we play this game is to shoot others, duh. The scores we get for hitting a target on the vest in front is 50, while we get 100 points for shooting a target on the back of another vest.

Team Mulan! 

Credit: Laser Warzone's Facebook

Hey guess who Tank is! ;) ;) ;) ;)

Photo Credits to the Butterfly Project

The winner's trophy! 

Team Mulan got last but no one had any idea why because I thought we won like 2/3 of the games against other teams.. :( 

While announcing the winners.

(The guy on the right is so cute omg.)

Here are a few of the photos I took with some really amazing beauty bloggers I met!

Sabby! Such a nice sweetheart. Go check out her blog! 


Picture credit to: YandraSap
All 40+ of us.

It was a really fun mornoon; come to e@Curve and play this for a very cheap & competitive price as compared to other laser tag joints in Malaysia, without sacrificing a single ounce of thrill. Best value for your money, no? 



  1. Hi Pretty, come across your sharing post, that's nice to read... :)
    Mind to join my blog site " "
    Hope to be friends with energetic blogger like you ^^
    appreciate and Thank you :)

    1. Hey Shannie!

      Thanks a bunch! Sure, I will. Nice blog!
      Yeah we should talk more :)

      xx No problem, thanks for reading!

  2. hahaha hey thanks for the pic credit! lol! :P see you around next time :)


    1. HAHAHA I stalked your blog & stole it from there :p Thanks babe! Will definitely see you around xx

  3. LOL...... can't stop laughing at your review... the way you describe things is priceless!

    1. Hi Tammy!! Glad this made you laugh, love hearing that!


  4. This is my first time stumbling across your blog and wow, girl am I amazed by your humor and just about how you put your words in sentences. I'm the worst at expressing myself in words, and yet I've recently decided to challenge myself with blogging :p

    I would also love to join the Butterfly Project community as a Malaysian blogger but I'm definitely not as sociable as you are. I'm shy and waits for people to come up to me because I'm more approachable rather than approaching. :3

    Will definitely keep up with your blog posts from now, lovely!

    Please do check out my blog.

    1. Hey girlll. Comments like these really make my day :) Yes I still struggle with that as well, but blogging is a great platform to force yourself to write & practice expression & it's getting better!

      I honestly think TBP is not about how sociable you are. You should join it because it'll make you more sociable! :) try going for one event first and see how you like it, maybe.

      Thank you!!!
      I will :*

    2. Alright. I'll be sure to let you know when I do. So at least I would have someone I "know" :D How can I contact you? :)

    3. Sure! haha. Uh you could email me or check out my social media on my sidebar :)

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