Monday, May 26, 2014

Shu Cean


Since you made me cry on my birthday now it's my turn hehehe. 

I met you when we were like 10, and honestly since then everytime we're around each other we still click as easily & automatically as we do now. We just have this connection with which we just understand each other on a whole other level without needing to explain or even say it sometimes. Our moods are always corresponding & we basically have the same opinion about well a lot of issues. Besides your ideas on planning & neatness luls. 

In so many ways I couldn't imagine my life without you. Who would I have been laughing my ass off everyday of high school if not with you? Who would I have been doing the weirdest most randomest unthinkable shit with if not with you? Who would I have been doing push-ups outside each science class with? Who would I have been complaining about prefect duties with? (okay well this one has a lot of people) Who would've been telling me the stupidest puns & jokes all through classes? Who would I be calling at 3am for the fun of it? (HAHAH sorry) Who would I be making comics about a fictitious Simran & Jessalyn with? 

I admire you in so many ways. Your strength, for one. That's the most obvious right? I still wish I had your tenacious grip & your stubbornness sometimes. And your biceps. But people sometimes overlook your kindness. I mean really, you're one of the most genuinely nice & compassionate people I know. Obviously you can be mean sometimes lols but it's never too harmful & it's usually funny. You never put yourself first and that inspires me a lot. You were always there for me since forever and I have the world to thank you for it. Also, you're so beautiful. I just wanna punch you for it but then you'd defend it and punch me back and I'd die.

We've been through so much together & you're one of the very few people whom I actually truly know & truly love. 

Love you, asshole. xx 

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