Friday, May 2, 2014

MONKI Preview Party @ NuSentral

HELLO, SO I MET SHEENA LIAM. ASDKALSGKAJLSFJALSF. If you are Malaysian and miraculously don't know who she is... she's the winner of Asia's Next Top Model, Cycle 2. I've been following this show religiously since it started, so, hell yes, I was pretty ecstatic. 

Monki is finally here! The store is looking absolutely stunning; staying true to its award-winning ‘Sea of Scallops’ fashion store design concept, but one that is epitomised to Kuala Lumpur culture & tastes. One word to describe the store would be ‘electrifying’ — it’s surrounded by mirrors & holographic tiles, as if to amplify the store & with that, to amplify the exuberance customers feel walking inside the store & also the utter uniqueness of Monki’s clothes. Monki itself was brimming with guests and the media on the night of its opening but with all the mirrors, it looked like it could fit the world inside.

The Spring/Summer 2014 Collection brought only the joy we would feel walking through a garden under the warming golden-brown refulgence of the sun, and yet it also encompassed the cooling qualities that a dip of our ankles into true-blue seawater as a temporary respite from burning sand would possess. You’ll see what I mean when you look at the collection! Or try them on physically, as you can easily do with a trip to the new mall, NuSentral. (Monki is located on the 1st Floor; you wouldn’t miss it.)

On Tuesday night, I got to NuSentral & since it was my first time there, I was a little lost, but I remembered feeling astounded by the fact that NuSentral actually looked like a really developed mall. The lights were really bright, everything looked really new and furbished and modern & I saw a lot of flagship brand names like Cotton On, etc. I went up to the first store and saw MONKI, complete with stanchioned & roped barricade borders outside. Right when I turned my head, I saw a tall, leggy blonde taking a photo next to a guy & it turned out to be none other than Sheena Liam (!!!!!). 

I admire her spunk so much. Like, on the show, she was always just so composed & carefree & I love her attitude towards things, and her determination to win (not that the other contestants lacked this), as such. 

Okay, back to the story. I walked-ran up to her & said (not screamed) "HI SHEENAAA!" Then I asked for a photo with her.  Ohmygod, embarrassing fangirl much. And then she told me there was lipstick smudged on my cheek & she opened her compact mirror & helped me wipe it off. *surges with fangirlism* HAHA I'm sorry okay if this happened to you you would be blogging about it this way too okay! Afterwards, we introduced each other to her friends and talked about a lot of shit I can't remember because I was too starstruck. 

Blogger Jane Chuck! I admire her; I think she's really nice.

Sheena looking gorgeous.

Amanda and I with the MONKI balloons. Credits to the photographer.

What the store looks like from the outside.

The dressing room is so wicked. 
The 'Sea of Scallops' interior design concept.

Amri, who's part of Milk PR who organized & publicised this whole event.
Photobooth pictures. I love photobooths! 

All photos are mine! I took them with a Canon 550D.
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