Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Basic Brandy Melville-Inspired Outfit

Found this random tank top in my closet & saw that it was from Brandy Melville, which is a store I absolutely adore. So I put together this tank, tube top & skater skirt combo which looks very laid-back & au natural, like any Brandy Melville outfit would look.
 I'm not wearing any makeup in this post because I was too lazy to put any on. Also it pertains to the 'au natural feel' of BM fashion, so.. Shoes, for the matter, as well, it seems. 

Top: Brandy Melville | Tube Top: Cotton On | Skater Skirt: Cotton On | Heels: Zara

Look how much these heels make me look taller! It also completely transforms the outfit into something classy you could wear for events or parties, etc.
I love this inner tribal tube top that I'm wearing because Brandy Melville's 'one size fits all' theory (which is erroneous, obviously) made this shirt slightly too big/low for me. I like how the tank feels, nonetheless! Although the material is very thin & translucent, it feels super soft & stretchy on your skin. It doesn't feel like a rip-off counterfeit, if you know what I mean? 

I also did a hair curling tutorial for this style which I will post up soon! :) 

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