Friday, May 16, 2014

APRIL HAUL! (+ Life Updates)

Nothing crazy, whatsoever. I'm sorry if you're disappointed! A lot of you on have been asking for this, so, yeah. I've worn most of these clothes I think. I'll list down the prices/where the pieces are from:

Blue print top: MONKI, RM80 || White top: ZARA (Pre-loved from Hebe), RM30 (?) || Espadrille wedges: Forever 21, RM159 || White dress: H&M (Pre-loved from Hebe), RM30 || White/Grey Printed Bustier: MONKI, RM59 || Two denim shorts: Topshop (Pre-loved), RM40 each || Tribal bodycon dress: H&M (Pre-loved from Carina), RM25 || Eternal Top & Bodycon Skirt: Forever 21 (prices about RM100 in total, my mom bought them for me.)

I also bought a pair of earrings & a statement necklace from Forever 21. The earrings were RM10 & the necklace was RM20, so it's not that crazy. I wore the white necklace here at MUN (on the first day), here at Monki's event & here during Leey's birthday! Here's a photo of the lightning earrings:

So in total I spent about RM568 this month... on clothes... and I wasn't even supposed to be spending on clothes at all... Oh crap, I didn't even realise I was spending that much, oh my god. AHHAHA (yes that is quite a lot of money for me.) Okay I'm pretty disappointed now. To make things better, I've only spent a grand total of RM3 this month on clothes! *cheers* (and that was on a cute ribbon from F21.)

The past week was pretty eventful, with multiple events & outings. Keep up with my Instagram for quick updates. :) I'll always blog about everything after!


1. I got an iPhone 5! It was my mom's. My iPhone 4 was really terribly broken (like my heart LOL jokes my heart is stronger than diamonds pls) & it was malfunctioning really badly. Like, seriously. There was this promotion at Maxis where you can exchange an old iPhone 4 for a new iPhone 5S for a discounted fee, so we thought of doing that - but they didn't even consider accepting my old iPhone. HAHAHA, so my mom just decided to get a new iPhone 5S (since the discounts aren't even that great), and to give me her old iPhone 5 which is practically new & completely untarnished. I didn't really 'announce' this anywhere, but if you are observant you'll notice that my photos have become 2 million times clearer.

2. We are going to California next month! Super-duper excited. I was supposed to be heading to Singapore MUN with Shu Cean, but then this trip came up suddenly, so... *creys* I absolutely hate clashing events. And they just seem to happen to me for everything.

3. I am feeling very content. Material pursuits aside, I feel very much renewed inside. It's a good feeling, although ephemeral. I still get insecurity attacks, but I'm learning to deal with them.

4. I  haven't been working out at all for a week (besides a few 1-kilometer swims HAHAHA). I have to start getting into shape soon, I'm starting school in August (less then 96 days!) & I need to look good + ACTUALLY BE FIT ENOUGH TO DO SPORTS AGAIN. Let's get down to businesss!!!

5. I'm joining a few writing contests, just for the knack of it & to force myself to practice writing. (Won't tell you which, but you'll know soon!)

6. I've just hit 10,000 pageviews. This feels like a really big milestone, considering that I've only started blogging at the end of December last year. I'm extremely grateful for all of you readers, and if you could please drop a comment below so I know who you are and so I can follow you back/read your blogs/get to know you, etc. Thank you so much. <3

Cindy :*


  1. nice haul :D hehe.. cute earring

    1. Hey Sherry, thank you! :) Yeah it is!


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