Tuesday, April 29, 2014

TISMUN '14 - A New Beginning

Let me just start off by saying what a wonderful weekend the past one was, and how thoroughly I enjoyed conducting debates with my (beautiful) gavel (with my name engraved on it)'s omnipresence. Perks of being a chair, albeit a co-chair, include the fact that you literally command the room & everybody adheres to your discretion on decisions. As such, people respect you & that makes you feel like a glowing, meaningful person. I think that speaks for being a figure of a leader anywhere. Also, you get really close to your chair/co-chair & in this case let me introduce you to this amazing Uzbek (HEHE YES, she's from Uzbekistan), Ziyodaaa! She is so cute I swear & she is super super skinny (I look like a horse next to her) but she's always kind of eating which I find really admirable HAHA. She's a very composed & chilled person, it was really nice working with her & I loved our long conversations about nothing in particular. 

This is a huge photo-post, so I'll just regale you with the weekend's occurrences along the way.
Most photos are credited to Shane Choo, or myself.


We had this photo taken from 3 angles because, psh, that's how popular we were ok. HAHA.

What I wore on the first day.
 Blazer is from a shop in Hong Kong, statement necklace: F21, Chiffon top: H&M, Skirt: Zara. 



Ahmad Fadhli, the loving nasi-lemak guy.

He jumped on the back of this lorry omfg HAHAHA I WAS LAUGHING SO HARD


This random admin again.

I like how my hair looks here, huhu.


We took a photo like this last year. But it was with Michelle & Belinda & Cherry I think. Oh well, this is now a traditional TISMUN photo ok.

With the Sec-Gen, Ishaal.

This bij again.

With last year's Secretary General, Kriishand Gopalala.

Sharmaine. <3 Apparently we look alike. 

*judging you* (namely Raveena & Baaldesh) HEHEHEHE.

We had no idea Ishaal was beside us when this photo was taken. My love, Jasmine huhu.

Then it was time for the closing ceremony. Haris & Kriishand made a fool of themselves on stage, just running up & singing songs that were either too cheesy or no one knew. But it was cute, because it's Haris & Kriishand and they belong together.

Then Ziyoda & I made an impromptu-ish speech, and gave away awards for some of our delegates.
The best delegate; the delegate of Hungary 
(who, may I comment, was very HUNGARY for debate

Sweetest picture ever or what. 

Best speaker, Republic of Korea (Afiq) ehhe. He was making funny amendments all weekend, it was very entertaining.

This photo was funny because someone was shouting "And as usual the poor countries just get squished behind."

So here's to a whole weekend of banging gavels & shouting "DELEGATES!" & a lot of laughing. <3 

MONKI's exclusive preview tonight. Tell me if you're going!

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