Wednesday, April 16, 2014

HOW TO: DIY Ombré Your Hair

So sorry for my month-long respite on this blog, but I'm back & I'll do a full update on the months of March/April soon! Recently I ombré-d my hair. The ombré is such a versatile style these days, and is so low-maintenance because you never need to retouch your roots if they're your regular colour, 'cause you're only dyeing the ends. And did I mention that it is SO easy to do, has a 99% success rate and if you're doing it at home, you can forgo spending RM300++ at a salon for it. There really is no 'right' or wrong way to ombré your hair. Try this, I guarantee you, even if it doesn't turn out to be exactly a top-class ombré, you'll absolutely love it. I only spent RM30 on this hairstyle! Say goodbye to the notion that good hair comes with a really high price tag. Hashtag #budgetsial. 

Here's what you'll need. 
From left to right: aluminium foil cut into long and wide lengths, depending on the length of hair you want to ombre; Palty hair bleach in Sparkling Blonde (or in this case, any kind of bleach will do! This brand is an authentic Japanese brand and it's catered to Asian hair specifically so I guess it's your best bet. Also, it's available at every Watsons/SASA outlet there is, and where I bought it in only cost RM29.90, what a freaking steal. The 10 cents would probably amount for the aluminium foil, HAHA. But you can buy bleach at hair salons, I suppose.) So the bleach packaging comes with all sorts of powders and waters and all that which I am not going to bother talking about because there's an instruction manual so-.)  Oh and don't forget a timer/stopwatch
1. Wear a really ugly old T-Shirt you'll never wear again. (Disclaimer: I'm not campaigning against Brooks, it's just that this T-shirt already has paint all over it and it's way too large for me anyway. And the colour is too dreary for my taste.)

2. Cover your neck with another ugly old T-shirt/towel you'll never wear again. (I attempted to cut this one before into a fringe tank top but that didn't work out, obviously.) 

3. Separate all your hair into two and move it all to the front, in two partings.

4. Comb your hair out thoroughly! Tangles are going to make the bleach difficult to get through, not to mention very uneven. Here's a very unnecessary photo of makeup-less me holding a brush.

5. Mix all the liquids/powders/wtv together, following the instructions. Then, put on your gloves. And let the timer begin. DO NOT LET THE BLEACH STAND IN YOUR HAIR LONGER THAN 45 MINUTES (including the time it takes to apply the bleach). It will overheat & damage your hair. Don't. I've read horror stories where this girl left her bleach on for like 3 hours and her hair (albeit blonde) started falling out, it was mad. 

6. Start bleaching! So. Take a lock (smaller if you want it to be a better gradient, or larger if you have less time) of your hair, and start applying bleach with the brush provided to the ends. Make sure you really BLEND IN the bleach. Pretend you're a painter and you don't want harsh lines on your painting. You just want a nice, smooth, gradient -- so you blend it, you don't just stop at one line. Also, you don't have to be so exact with where you're going to stop. This is an ombre, after all, and the more unevenly smooth the gradient is, the more the contrast will stand out. After you're done with that, wrap the lock in a piece of aluminium foil & fold it up. 

(In case you're wondering, the aluminium foil makes it easier for the bleach to be absorbed by your hair, and it also makes ombre-ing hassle-free and easier than letting bleach run everywhere.

7. Repeat with the rest of your hair. After that, let the bleach set for 15 minutes. Don't forget to look at your stopwatch. 

8. After 15 minutes, start again with taking one lock of hair with the ends already bleached. Take it out of the aluminium foil. Re-saturate the ends with your brush or your gloved fingers (go over one more time with bleach) and then work your way up to the section above the bleached ends. Re-wrap your lock of hair in aluminium foil and repeat  with the rest of the hair. Leave this section in for only 10 minutes. This is so you'll achieve a darker colour than your ends, displaying that gradient effect.

9. Repeat Step 8, but working with the section above the previously bleached section and leaving it in for only 5 minutes.  You can continue if you want, but most people would stop after three 'bleach'-times.

10. After the allocated times, remove the foil out of your hair & rinse the bleach out of your hair.

This is how high I got my ombré to. 

11. (optional, I didn't do this) Bleach has a tendency to make your hair brassy & bronze, instead of the blonde you want it to be. To counter this, buy a toner or what they call 'purple shampoo' & apply it on as you would with dye. I think you can get these at most hair salons.

12. Shampoo & condition as usual. 

13. Use the deep conditioning pack that is provided in the Palty package.

14. Let your hair dry (don't blow-dry, the heat will cause more breakage & damage.) 

15. Take photos & feel proud of yourself & feel like a changed, all-new girrrl! 

Bleaching is damaging to your hair, that's true. It made mine pretty dry & frizzy, so make sure you deep-condition once a week & use a serum everyday.

How my hair looks when it's curled.

People have told me I look better with dark hair. I guess that might be true to them but I just feel like having ombré-d hair is a fashion accessory -- it sets you apart, makes you look absolutely rad all the time and I like it. As I quote Sheena Liam, the blonde, Malaysian winner of Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 2 (!!!!!), "Pretty is boring."

Alright, signing off this post. Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments below or my : ) Will blog soon! 

xoxo, you know you love me. 


  1. did you dye your hair brown before? or is that your natural hair colour? :)

    1. i did! i dyed the top of it dark brown a few months ago but no bleach :) you can see my black roots coming out huhuhu.

    2. ohh I see! did you dye it yourself or did you dye it at a salon?

    3. i dyed it myself as well :)

  2. When is the last time you went for a haircut? Haha how long did it take for you to grow it that long ??

    1. actually I cut it at the end of December last year, so about 4 months back. But prior to that I didn't cut my hair for like a year or two. i made this pact not to cut my hair until I graduated in Year 10, and I kept to it, so yeah HAHA.

  3. I love your blog! And you have the most gorgeous hair x

    1. Ohmygosh, thank you! This means so much to me. x

  4. What color did you dye your hair (your brown hair) before you began ombreing it?? :) It looks great on you! Btw, do you think you could make a video of you doing it?

    1. It's called Glossy Brown by Liese! It's one of those bubble/shampoo dyes. It's really easy, just slather it like how you would apply shampoo :)

  5. the ombre came out so nice! and i think the color really suits you! did the ombre make your hair turn brassy over time?

    1. Thank you so much! No it didn't turn brassy but it slowly faded away :) I still have 'blond' bits but I've re-dyed my hair a couple of times before that and basically there's not much of an ombre effect left haha.


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