Saturday, April 19, 2014

Cath Kidston's Safari Party + Thoughts on the PR Industry

Had loads of fun today meeting new people from the PR world & also my boss Amanda from Fashion Online. Just wrote an article about the entire event so feel free to check it out here ->

I'm beginning to fall in love with this industry of PR, journalism & event managing. Despite the realisation that in the end, it's all about 'manipulating people', selling things and the profit, there are also many other things people tend to overlook, like the wonderful community of people, publicising things that are actually positive & help you, the acquaintances, the socialising factor, the fun events, the FREE GIFTS, the rewarding feeling that you get when people like what you wrote, and basically the whole tract of this whole microcosm, the fashion, the sheer power of it -- look at how many people you can actually give information to and communicate with, en masse, in just a few seconds -- and how everyone is, wherever we are, one way or another, connected.

I'm also seriously considering a major & a career in this industry because there's all the things I like: a fast-paced & professional setting, planning events, attending them, connecting with people through the power of words & images and that it's not exactly a boring desk job. There's always something new going on, there's always something crazy, there's always something new you want to share to the world. 

(Maroon cardigan from H&M, pastel blue floral romper from Topshop, belt unknown, wedges from Forever 21, and DSLR bag: gifted.)

I'll blog more tomorrow x 

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