Saturday, April 19, 2014

18th April - TIS' Sports Day & Fab's Late Birthday

The morning started rainy, gloomy, and in circumambience pretty bleak & lacking of spirit, comparing it to last year (or maybe it just seems that way when you're not exactly taking part), but I had a good time & I'm sure everyone else did as well. Really happy that everyone did their best, and it was very inspiring to see passionate leaders go as emotionally far as to tear up over their house points (I'm talking about you, Ben Lim) & runners as of always. <3

Simbrat-nooon. The 1G clan (+ Shu.)

So on a whim we just decided to join the 8x50 Parent-Teacher Race, despite the fact that we are not parents in the least HAHAHA.

My calves look acceptable. Fabian beat me.

Very, very, very proud of this bitch of my sister. Winning 400m & 4x100m like nobody's business. 

Reshme, Sandu, Emma, Emira & Vickyyee. <3

Bells & Zahra : ) & the guys HAHA.
My Iranian-Siamese cat lady.

(above is credited to Mr Albert's Facebook.) My fav Blue House girls. + Kummmaaawrrrr.

And this guy. Fastest sprinter in school, perempuan pls. 

VICKA, it was so nice hanging out with this amazing sprinter so often this week and last week! DON'T MAKE ME SNAP MY FINGERS. HAHA & us trying to embarrass people by dancing around them hahahahah cutie pies. 

And last but not least, Gandunasekara & our sassy smiles. Sports Girls of Class One of Years '13 and '14.  This girl, I tell you. Faster than your eyes can catch. 

Then we went to Pavilion to celebrate Foobian's birthday which was last week. Firstly we just sat in Starbucks for a while waiting for the others to come talking and gossiping and just checking up on life. And then we went to Suki-Ya, made a mess, annoyed people around us & ate like mad. Life Tip #1 - Don't eat free green tea ice cream at buffets, they taste like cardboard. 

A series of blur incidents involving knocked heads & spicy soup induced us to laugh til we nearly cried and I didn't even know what was going through our minds. But those are the best kinds : ) 

Here are some selfies which were obvs preceded by an embarrassingly loud rendition & re-enaction of that girl in #SELFIE. Love y'all, HAHA. 

Okay, I'll edit this post & upload more photos later when I get them.

Agenda tomorrow: Cath Kidston's safari launch party (pertaining to my new internship at Fashion Online Malaysia) & my grandpa's birthday dinner. 

Goodnight everyone :* 

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