Tuesday, April 29, 2014

TISMUN '14 - A New Beginning

Let me just start off by saying what a wonderful weekend the past one was, and how thoroughly I enjoyed conducting debates with my (beautiful) gavel (with my name engraved on it)'s omnipresence. Perks of being a chair, albeit a co-chair, include the fact that you literally command the room & everybody adheres to your discretion on decisions. As such, people respect you & that makes you feel like a glowing, meaningful person. I think that speaks for being a figure of a leader anywhere. Also, you get really close to your chair/co-chair & in this case let me introduce you to this amazing Uzbek (HEHE YES, she's from Uzbekistan), Ziyodaaa! She is so cute I swear & she is super super skinny (I look like a horse next to her) but she's always kind of eating which I find really admirable HAHA. She's a very composed & chilled person, it was really nice working with her & I loved our long conversations about nothing in particular. 

This is a huge photo-post, so I'll just regale you with the weekend's occurrences along the way.
Most photos are credited to Shane Choo, or myself.


We had this photo taken from 3 angles because, psh, that's how popular we were ok. HAHA.

What I wore on the first day.
 Blazer is from a shop in Hong Kong, statement necklace: F21, Chiffon top: H&M, Skirt: Zara. 



Ahmad Fadhli, the loving nasi-lemak guy.

He jumped on the back of this lorry omfg HAHAHA I WAS LAUGHING SO HARD


This random admin again.

I like how my hair looks here, huhu.


We took a photo like this last year. But it was with Michelle & Belinda & Cherry I think. Oh well, this is now a traditional TISMUN photo ok.

With the Sec-Gen, Ishaal.

This bij again.

With last year's Secretary General, Kriishand Gopalala.

Sharmaine. <3 Apparently we look alike. 

*judging you* (namely Raveena & Baaldesh) HEHEHEHE.

We had no idea Ishaal was beside us when this photo was taken. My love, Jasmine huhu.

Then it was time for the closing ceremony. Haris & Kriishand made a fool of themselves on stage, just running up & singing songs that were either too cheesy or no one knew. But it was cute, because it's Haris & Kriishand and they belong together.

Then Ziyoda & I made an impromptu-ish speech, and gave away awards for some of our delegates.
The best delegate; the delegate of Hungary 
(who, may I comment, was very HUNGARY for debate

Sweetest picture ever or what. 

Best speaker, Republic of Korea (Afiq) ehhe. He was making funny amendments all weekend, it was very entertaining.

This photo was funny because someone was shouting "And as usual the poor countries just get squished behind."

So here's to a whole weekend of banging gavels & shouting "DELEGATES!" & a lot of laughing. <3 

MONKI's exclusive preview tonight. Tell me if you're going!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Adventures on a Train around Town

I know I said I was going to blog the day after Sunday but I've been so caught up on updating Fashiono.my that I sort of neglected my own. Speaking of Fashiono.my, go read my newest posts about Monki's opening, Coachella-inspired fashion essentials & bazaar events this weekend!

Here's my outfit because I'm supposed to start 'fashion blogging', so here's an attempt. Basically just #ootds but HD-er.
Oversized jacket: literally brandless. I can't find the tag. White crochet crop top: Zara. 'Hotpants': H&M; Necklace: Bali; Bag: Also brandless from Urbanscapes.

This look is pretty casual & laid back. I paired this outfit with my Forever 21 sandals, which made it look even more effortless and gave it that 'I-don't-care-I-just-woke-up-and-pulled-these-on' factor. I love these black hotpants, despite their lack of coverage because they're so 1970s-meets-Taylor-Swift and, combined with the white crochet top, accents the contrast between the two colours on opposite ends of the colour spectrum, which is toned down by the soft blue of the denim outer shirt. 

So I went out on a last-minute-y outing with Shu today.

Here's my hypothesis: Whenever I'm with Shu, we end up doing pretty stupid spontaneous shit. Or stupid spontaneous shit happens to us. (All the freaking time. HAHAHA.) & the following will be some evidence, as evinced:

Exhibit A: 

So we're both pretty inexperienced in taking trains/MRTs/LRTs/monorails; like we didn't even know what the heck was the difference between all of those. I've only taken a train in Malaysia like twice and once was with Terry & Fabian and the other was with Estella. I didn't really know what we were doing, I was just following them around so- yeah. I go to Hong Kong pretty often so I take the subway there often so I know my way around THAT system HAHA. 

We were at Pavilion at first but Shu had work and she had to collect her pay-check from KLCC before 3pm because apparently the bank closes at 3pm. (What kind of bank closes at 3 in the afternoon wtf.) And we were feeling slightly lazy to walk the 1 mile on the bridge to KLCC so we, on a whim as usual, were like "Ok let's take the LRT there" (not even knowing what an LRT was). 

So we walked to the Bukit Bintang station & we bought a token to KLCC. Then we basically hopped (literally hopped, DAUNTLESSSS) on the 'monorail' and kind of spent like two hours being lost in stations around Kuala Lumpur. Like all the signs were so vague we didn't know where to switch trains and all that. We asked directions from like 10,000 people and we still didn't exactly know where to go. We even went as far as KL Sentral & Bangsar ok omfg. 

Exhibit B: The story behind these two pictures was that we asked this old Chinese guy to take photos for us because it was our first time on trains & all. So he agreed & he fumbled with the lighting and all and literally forced us to take a second picture because the first one was too underexposed. Kind of cute. Then after that he went all "Are you going to post this on Facebook? Do you have Facebook? What's your Facebook? Can I add you on Facebook?" 

Shu & I exchanged looks and then I said, "Yeah, I'm Nani Lim." AHAEHAKGJHEAKGJ I don't even know where that sprung from but it was so funny though because my name is not even remotely 'Nani Lim' & Nani (Errisa) actually exists & I don't know why I even thought about Nani at that exact moment HAHAHA; it was the randomest thing in the world. Then he kind of bought it and asked me where we were from, to which I replied "Mongolia", which he also believed. 

Apparently a lot of people believe me when I say I'm from Mongolia or if I say I'm Chinese Russian. I'd like to believe that it's just cause I'm very tan.

Exhibit B: 

Shu almost got stuck between closing train doors today. We found out we were on the wrong train the moment the door was automatically closing and we were like "Oh shit" then she sprung to the door, pulling me with her as it was closing and I think she was attempting to fight it and keep it open. And then she kinda got stuck there & I started panicking & so I pulled her back. So we just got stuck on the wrong train after all. 

I was so panicked omg I thought it would squeeze her alive or something omfg. But apparently it was really 'soft', according to the female Hulk, which I just balked at.

And WE FINALLY GOT TO AVENUE K ASLKAJLSKGJALGJAG; we were so euphoric we just started sprinting around. 

I found a giant Magnum & I found it really cool so I had to take an awkward photo with it.

Exhibit C:

Shu bought an RM5 gun from Daiso. Self-explanatory. 

 Conclusion: We do stupid shit when we're around each other, it's a tried & tested fact & has been for like 8 years of our friendship ok.

RED MANGO'S YOGURT PARFAIT. So good asdfghjdkl. 

Sushi Zanmai's Spider Roll. Ya we ordered like 2 rolls of 6. #cheatday

Ok that's it for the day. I know it's 4am, but I'm a terrible night owl & I can't stand mornings & I would just like to take advantage of my gap year as far as I can, yeahp. Goodnight/morning everyone :) 

Oh I'm attending #NuffnangLovin' this Friday night! Looks pretty wicked, no? It's like a blogger hangout event, so I'm really excited to meet the other people with the same platform!

Also will be co-chairing the General Assembly at TISMUNKL this weekend. First MUN chairing experience so I'm stoked for that as well! Oh & for Jasmine's birthday bash at Raveena's on Saturday night. (: 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Cath Kidston's Safari Party + Thoughts on the PR Industry

Had loads of fun today meeting new people from the PR world & also my boss Amanda from Fashion Online. Just wrote an article about the entire event so feel free to check it out here -> http://fashiono.my/2014/04/go-wild-at-the-cath-kidston-safari-party-mid-valley-megamall/

I'm beginning to fall in love with this industry of PR, journalism & event managing. Despite the realisation that in the end, it's all about 'manipulating people', selling things and the profit, there are also many other things people tend to overlook, like the wonderful community of people, publicising things that are actually positive & help you, the acquaintances, the socialising factor, the fun events, the FREE GIFTS, the rewarding feeling that you get when people like what you wrote, and basically the whole tract of this whole microcosm, the fashion, the sheer power of it -- look at how many people you can actually give information to and communicate with, en masse, in just a few seconds -- and how everyone is, wherever we are, one way or another, connected.

I'm also seriously considering a major & a career in this industry because there's all the things I like: a fast-paced & professional setting, planning events, attending them, connecting with people through the power of words & images and that it's not exactly a boring desk job. There's always something new going on, there's always something crazy, there's always something new you want to share to the world. 

(Maroon cardigan from H&M, pastel blue floral romper from Topshop, belt unknown, wedges from Forever 21, and DSLR bag: gifted.)

I'll blog more tomorrow x 

18th April - TIS' Sports Day & Fab's Late Birthday

The morning started rainy, gloomy, and in circumambience pretty bleak & lacking of spirit, comparing it to last year (or maybe it just seems that way when you're not exactly taking part), but I had a good time & I'm sure everyone else did as well. Really happy that everyone did their best, and it was very inspiring to see passionate leaders go as emotionally far as to tear up over their house points (I'm talking about you, Ben Lim) & runners as of always. <3

Simbrat-nooon. The 1G clan (+ Shu.)

So on a whim we just decided to join the 8x50 Parent-Teacher Race, despite the fact that we are not parents in the least HAHAHA.

My calves look acceptable. Fabian beat me.

Very, very, very proud of this bitch of my sister. Winning 400m & 4x100m like nobody's business. 

Reshme, Sandu, Emma, Emira & Vickyyee. <3

Bells & Zahra : ) & the guys HAHA.
My Iranian-Siamese cat lady.

(above is credited to Mr Albert's Facebook.) My fav Blue House girls. + Kummmaaawrrrr.

And this guy. Fastest sprinter in school, perempuan pls. 

VICKA, it was so nice hanging out with this amazing sprinter so often this week and last week! DON'T MAKE ME SNAP MY FINGERS. HAHA & us trying to embarrass people by dancing around them hahahahah cutie pies. 

And last but not least, Gandunasekara & our sassy smiles. Sports Girls of Class One of Years '13 and '14.  This girl, I tell you. Faster than your eyes can catch. 

Then we went to Pavilion to celebrate Foobian's birthday which was last week. Firstly we just sat in Starbucks for a while waiting for the others to come talking and gossiping and just checking up on life. And then we went to Suki-Ya, made a mess, annoyed people around us & ate like mad. Life Tip #1 - Don't eat free green tea ice cream at buffets, they taste like cardboard. 

A series of blur incidents involving knocked heads & spicy soup induced us to laugh til we nearly cried and I didn't even know what was going through our minds. But those are the best kinds : ) 

Here are some selfies which were obvs preceded by an embarrassingly loud rendition & re-enaction of that girl in #SELFIE. Love y'all, HAHA. 

Okay, I'll edit this post & upload more photos later when I get them.

Agenda tomorrow: Cath Kidston's safari launch party (pertaining to my new internship at Fashion Online Malaysia) & my grandpa's birthday dinner. 

Goodnight everyone :* 

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