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8 Things I Find asdfghjkl Attractive About People

Regarding the title, I think we've established that I think "asdfghjkl" or its similar counterparts should be an appropriate adverb for expressing extreme sexual frustration & agitation & overwhelmingness. I hope this post doesn't come off as superficial or shallow or anything, because it's not a list where I'm numbering my favourite face/body features or anything. Just generally, traits & personal merits in people, not just boys, that I have found to have drawn me to and to have fascinated/ interested me. But I'm not saying that if I find someone who possesses all these traits (which would be pretty damn fantastic), I'd immediately run off & elope with him in Las Vegas or something, haha. I'd just swoon a little. I had this idea to do this list because I'm curious to know what people find attractive about other people, so in case anyone's curious about what I find attractive, here it is. And of course there are many variations of this that differs personally so yeah:


Can't stress this dress enough. Guys/girls who are well-dressed and who basically carry themselves embodying their own personal sense of style, be it in the form of manner of clothing, words, hair, speech, etc = 1010101010% wow. I don't care if you have pretty eyes or nice abs or not. This has nothing to do with that. I just think that people who have that innate and unique sense of panache are absolutely beguiling. It's just so nice to know people who can dress really well, which is what I would define as a rare & fine quality. I don't stare at people, I stare at how they are dressed. I think the most common myth is that you have to be rich or have a nice body in order to have enough resources or the frame to "pull it off". But the truth is, you don't. "Fashions fade, style is eternal," preached Yves Saint Laurent. Noting that, though, I still don't think that you need to have all the designer brands or follow all current fashion trends to be considered well-dressed. People with flair tend to be resourceful & make use of whatever they have. Heck, you could wear pasar malam Despicable Me T-shirt and look classy af if you know how to style it well. I mean, if you even make a conscious effort to dress well, that's already a bonus. Everyone has a sense of fashion and if they explore that, they'll go a long way with upping their outward attractiveness, if that's what they want. I'm not saying everyone should be fashion blogger material, I'm just saying that everyone can be if they wanted to. I myself am trying really hard to dress better and to 'find my own éclat', not just sticking to the generic vogue.

And it's not just the clothes you wear. It's also the style of how you exhibit yourself.
source: tumblr &
Blair Waldorf & Chuck Bass. My favourite on-screen couple, and coincidentally, the best-dressed one, EVER, I would say. 


I love knowing people and their aspirations and goals. To me, it's a huge turn-on if you are a dreamer & you aim really high & you just know what you want to do. I think it's important to know what you really want & want to be, even if it's just to get married or get rich or get a nice body or be a famous blogger or whatever. People shouldn't be afraid to aim high. I just like people who aren't afraid to be. Exhibit A, Jay Gatsby & his American Dream.

6) A SENSE OF HUMOUR & that 'Play-Along' charm

I just like laughing so if you can make me laugh like a hyena then yay you. HAHA. Besides I also like open-minded people who are open to anything people say to them, within a playful limit of course and who are really goofy. Raillery & playfulness is attractive, especially if you have wit behind that. Humour is a good indication of intelligence, after all.


There's a certain type of people, who whenever you're around, are able to make every fleeting moment amazing & special & wonderful & are just different. Then when they leave, that's all you crave. They're also, usually, the ones who open your eyes to amazing new wonders, whether it be experiences or places or thoughts or views. 


This. Being a (budding) pianist myself, if I hear you play Debussy's Clair de Lune or Chopin's Etude Opus 25 or Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata in C# minor 3rd movement, I might faint. I find people who can play piano/violin/cellos so interesting. They breathe music, and you can see it in their exhalations: the melodies, their movements: the rhythm, their words: the classical lilt of a sonata or the sick beat of a DJ. I mean, people who don't play them and listen to music are cool as well. I just like people who appreciate music, whatever genre it is. 


Any hair actually. AHAH I like people with really clean & plucked eyebrows and thick and long eyelashes. I also just find it attractive when a person has very thick hair that I can run my hands through and muzzle and mess up. 


I love people who read. Cause people who read & appreciate literature see things differently, in a perspective that's aggrandized over time and time again spent with their noses behind frail book spines, eyes greedily scouring what these yellow tainted papers have to offer. They understand characters that they themselves breathe life into, and they understand syntax, and most of all they understand how powerful words really are. They tell stories. They always have a million things to say and to discuss and to ardently advocate. They are hopelessly romantic, because through books they have dreamed up a lifetime of contentment with people of the likes of Mr Darcy (Pride & Prejudice), or Augustus Waters, or Hermione Granger. They understand that people have flaws, and they accept failures, because it's always needed to tell a good story. Their eyes shine with an irrepressible gleam when they fervently talk about the last book they read, or when you ask them "Who's your favourite author?"    
source: weheartit

1) A  P A S S I O N.
I find it SO incredibly hot when a person is truly passionate about something. Take a sport, an instrument, a music genre, TV shows, computer games, traveling, an ambition, whatever- I love seeing the sparks and the red-hot fire in peoples' eyes when they're talking about or doing something they are really ardent about. You can just feel their infatuation & their sense of fascination, like a doe-eyed child when they're at it. I love it when people are really driven and dedicated to doing something because they really, really, really love doing it. (Because, imagine if that was you.... HAHA)

Done. Again as I said, this doesn't determine whether I'll fall in love with you and spend a lifetime with you or not, it just means that I'll most probably really find you extremely attractive and want to spend a lot of time with you. Probably.

xoxo, you know you love me.

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