Friday, February 7, 2014

Sandra's 13th Surprise Partyyy

One thing I love about planning surprise parties is the thrill and the fear of the secret getting revealed. The other thing I like is the aerial materialization of balloons, the elusive, hushed-up quality of it, and the expectations that the person you're surprising will unknowingly get a heck of a time.

It was a pretty hectic afternoon.My mom and I went to pick up my brother at school and then we went to buy balloons & Subway cookies. Ching Yee & Aiza & Laura came over first & we spent an hour or so blowing up forty balloons (but I would say that the real hardship is in tying them) and putting those Post-Its on her wall, which turned out quite prettily.

So Sandra was at football tryouts when this happened, and she came back at around three-thirty, when everyone was already here.
When my sister came in, and we shouted surprise, jumping out of our hiding spots, she just walked back out of the room. *smacks head* oh god. hahahha.

 I think I look like I fit in quite well with thirteen-year-olds lah hahhaha.

Aliciababba & I : ) I quite like this accidental photo of us.

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