Sunday, February 23, 2014

Last Fridaaaay Night & an overview of my week

So I went out with the people whom I have missed lately & we had a lot of fun catching up & eating & yah. Wayyy too lazy to edit the photos sorry HAHA. 
YAH and I dyed my hair btw like the Friday before this Friday. Hehhe it's not extremely obvious but it's visible I guess. Goodbye virgin hair. </3


And this waiter decided to stand next to us. 

So that's that! It was a good night, anyways, and yeah. My week was pretty great as well, eventful & yeah. I had an interview & sat for a test for my scholarship at IGBIS on Monday, and then on Tuesday, I headed over to MSSKL and took photos of people and talked and screamed. Then after that the twins came home with me and we had a sleepover in which we ran 5k, got 'disabled', 'raved', talked deeply and did the cinnamon challenge. The videos are way too embarrassing to be uploaded but I'll put it on Instagram maybe HAHAHA. On Wednesday & Thursday I went to work, and finished up the YouTube ad for the deadline on Friday. I'll post it here when it's up :) Then, on Friday, I recorded piano covers in the afternoon & went out at night as you just saw pictures about. Saturday; I baked macarons!!! Which turned out quite good btw for a first attempt la hahaha. After that I had my first tutoring session with Jien Hwa! I'm teaching him economics so yeah. I wouldn't say I'm that bad of a teacher, hopefully. Sunday; I went out with my family and had lunch and then I baked macarons again for the second time which turned out 10x prettier than the ones yesterday. Photos another time when I've perfected them :) I'm finding macaron-baking to be actually enjoyable. AND IT'S MACARONS OK NOT MACAROONS, THANKS.

I'm planning to fill more of this blog-space-area with:
a) more opinionated pieces about basically anything which will force me to practice writing in a sophisticated manner, help me develop a stronger 'voice' & also allow me to be more articulate about my thoughts, and also the world and its happenings and how I feel about things like societal issues and ideals.
b) book/movie/music/product reviews
c) more outfit shots. i'm leaning towards dressing better and this would make me accountable to do so, hahaha.
d) lists. lots of lists. to-do lists, bucket lists, goal lists, reading lists, shopping lists. i love lists.
e) short stories, if you'd like. I AM trying to write more as I said above to develop a good writing style and also that innate voice so this would be a good way to do that.
f) more photographs of things I do and find interesting, places I go, etc.
g) et cetera.

I'm really excited to be able to make this space even more personal but at the same time get people more involved in my blog through comments, or even discussions if you'd like. That'd be wickeddd.

Hope y'all had a good weekend!


  1. omg! may i know where did you get your blog template? x

    1. hey! :) it's actually a Blogger template. go to your settings, you should see it under a tab called dynamic templates (?) I just added the background & edited the colour scheme myself. xx

    2. thanks! oh and I loved reading your blog, keep writing!! :)

    3. you're welcome & aw i will, that made me v happy heheh thank you.


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