Thursday, February 13, 2014

Do We Look Alike? (& V-Day)

My brother & I, halfway through a photoshoot just now. I know I haven't been posting much lately, but I've just been working a lot lately & will update on it soon! This photoshoot was for work, too, btw. We're making a video ad kind of thing, so yeah. So keep your seatbelts fastened cause I can't wait to show you the end product! 

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day (Eve)! The infamous day specially for mourning or superfluously gooey loving.  And the last day of CNY is tomorrow, coincidentally, which also makes it the Chinese Valentine's Day. I'll be awaiting the en masse of public, ingurgitating, sloppy make out sessions and the swarm of "I love you babyyy" or "I feel so alone." or "Look at what my boyfriend got me for V-Day!" Instagram posts or either full-of-it or self-deprecating tweets. 

Alright, bye :) I'm planning to write a rant soon and a long put aside update on my life. Speaking of which, can you tell me what else I should put on my blog? What else you'd like to see? Feel free to spam my with it if you're shy, or comment right below if you want. 
^ it was pretty difficult to merge these photos together without an iPhone app HAHAHA. Like I don't have Photoshop, I only have Lightroom 5 and the tutorial online made it seem so difficult I'm like.... 

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