Friday, February 7, 2014

CNY Day 3 : )

Heeeyy guys! Third day of CNY; we drove down to Ipoh for a tiny road trip to visit my mom's relatives & to go to this temple cause I think Buddhist temples are cool. We had dim sum just like in a typical Chinese day out, for lunch, at this supposedly popular place which turned out to be pretty tasteless and bad. Like most supposedly popular things.

Tell me my photography skills have increased okay :p

asdalkgjalskgj. SO CUTE. 

My dad and his brother looking super happy. 

Then we got to my mom's cousin's house.

I LOVE HER. She's like a really down-to-earth, funny person, in the way that her actions are always comical. Hhahaha.

^^^ coolest photo of the month!

After that it got pretty late and we drove to Tualang for dinner but all the restaurants were absolutely chock-full of people and then we drove for like 30 minutes elsewhere in Ipoh, but all the restaurants/stalls in that area were full too. It was pretty frustrating. In the end we drove like a total of 60km searching for a place to eat, in failure. We ended up just eating at PizzaHut, hahha.

Okay, I'm done. I'll post day 2 tomorrow or some other time :)


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