Monday, February 3, 2014

Chinese New Year Nights

A picture + caption post. 

'The 30th Night.'
 Our front door & the 'praying table', as I call it.
 Joysticks, spiritual incense & praying to Chinese gods with loud outbursts of luck, wealth and prosperity-filled Chinese words.
My sister & I. 

 My cousin & mom : ) 
My baby cousin & sister : )

Then after that we played with mild China-made explosives; waking the entire neighbourhood with deafening firecrackers, lighting up the night with sparks of fireworks thrown into the star-abundant sky or overflowing from burning sticks in our hands, and peppering the ground with pop wrappers. (The explosives that pop when thrown into contact with the ground or stepped on or crushed heh) Despite the slight CO2 & smoke pollution, playing with these explosives apparently are believed to bring good fortune to us by the Chinese. I didn't know that, but yeah. It was super fun. 

Then my uncle brought his tripod down and we took loads of these light-painting-esque pictures. 
Look at my perfect star! Hehh.


 (The following are from the next day so yeah!)

^  Basically how we were the entire night.

BAM. okay. goodbye! :) I'll upload the next few days soon :) xoxo

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