Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What Girls Do When They Go Out

Hi hi! So I went out ( after work ) for the first time in forever since .. forever yesterday with the twins & also Synn Jenn. We went to pav and basically we shopped and talked about girly things and ate ahahaha. It was a good day.

We had lunch at manhattan's fish market as usual. I'm always craving this and whenever we're together we somehow always end up coming here.
We look super yellow hahah. My iPhone's front camera is pretty messed up :p 
Synn Jenn permed her hair. And leey dyed hers. Non hair virgin gang :p

After that we just walked around and bought shit hahah. We walked to h&m at lot 10 and Synn Jenn was sweating really quickly and I found that funny. 

Then while we were outside h&m these bunch of dudes stopped us and asked us to take photos with them for some t-shirt thing. I think we're cursed to bump into these things whenever we go out la hahaha. (The last time it was Ken (!!!) & singing/shouting for
Shu cropped herself out of the photo cause she thought she looked fat. Lol not at all la aiyo ahhah

So anyways we then shopped for a really long time, bought cute & cheap matching t-shirts from this shop who was manned by two really bitchy I-don't-know-what-ethnicity-your-furry-Chewbacca-eyebrows-came-from people. (Okay sorry I'm dissing their eyebrows but who the hell cares & they deserve it) 1. They were so unbelievably rude. We were trying to pick between red and green shirts and I mean it's our choice, we don't have to make decisions on the spot lol. But they were damn annoyed and went all "RED! GREEN! RED!" in such annoying imitations I felt like punching their faces off. (I think Shu almost did) 2. They were jabbering at us the whole time we were picking out clothes. Oh my god then afterwards, they were like "It's not red. It's MAHR-roon." & they said it so condescendingly and irritatingly. I was like wtf is mahroon bitch and we were all just laughing at how she said it. 
We got really angry and aggressive but Leey shiaan just tried to calm us down in her peaceful ways hahah. 

Then we shopped more and ate those rm1 vanilla sundae cones & nuggets from McD. 
So yeah that's that. We walked back to pav and then my mom picked me up and we went to klcc. I went to buy more clothes at Topshop while she went grocery shopping. 

Got these high waisted skinny jeans & that crop top in both red and black. Also got some undies haha I LOVE TOPSHOP PRINTED UNDIES. 

Okay bye :)


  1. Can I ask what's that blue thingy on your head ? The flower thingy ��


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