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Top 12 Senior Moments of 2013

Hi guys! To start the new year officially, and this blog, and finally accept that it's not 2013 anymore, here's my first ever long post. Cheers to cindyleow.blogspot.com! (: This might be a very late overdue post but yeah, at least I'm doing it. I had the idea to do this post while I was half asleep last week and have been drafting it in my head while setting up this blog.

2013 was my senior year as a Year 11-er at Sri Garden, and it was a pretty fantastic year filled with the glories of being among the "oldest" and perhaps the wisest at school, with all of the benefits that usually come in between. Such as using "Senior mah" to excuse everything we did. I still haven't completely accepted that I'm no longer a Sri Garden student, and also that Sri Garden no longer exists - it's now under the name of Taylor's International School, which just started yesterday. *creys* But anyway, I'm glad I had the full experience of high school, and I'm glad I didn't miss out on anything. Sports, socialising, studies, romance. Those probably made up most of my year, and I wouldn't change that for anything. Some of these aren't moments but a combinations of similar ones. So.. Here's an overview of my year, in no particular order:

Prepare for a super long post with a load of photos :)

#12 - MSSKL Track & Field

When Sri Garden took the throne and won all the other schools as the champion school of the MSSKL Pudu District :') That was such a beautiful day. I swear I cried when it happened. After a whole week of endless running, jumping, falling, sweating, spending entire days under the relentlessly scorching heat & humidity, looking ugly, skipping school needlessly, going to have Tutti Frutti between events, winning races, losing races, sore legs, losing our voices from cheering and screaming so much, burnt & overly tanned skin, meeting people from other schools, pretending I know how to speak Chinese, sudden outbursts of "We Are the Champions", being the loudest, most patriotic & annoying school there was there, the last day was nonetheless very rewarding to us, to say the least. The first year Sri Garden joined MSSKL, which was years ago, we were placed #30th (or somewhere around there) amidst sports schools and other government schools who trained harder and put way more effort in track & field than we did. Then as the years went by and more and more athletes joined the team, we crept up to #2 last year, then finally, to first place this year. My final year. The final year Sri Garden is Sri Garden. (Which resulted in many sneers & anger amongst the sports schools)

Our trophies. (We also won Best Overall Female Athletes) #GIRLPOWER
The last 4x400m U18 team (: <3 

When it was announced that we won. HAHHA. Look at us, compared to the sullen, indignant faces of the other schools with their arms crossed and lips curled and all. 

Here are some other pictures from other days: 
Sanduni Medonsha Lasjgalkjea HAHAHA I still laugh everytime I see this.
My qurlfrenz. <3

#11 - Winning Sports Girl / Best Athlete;

I remember looking at the seniors winning Sports Girl and such titles when I was thirteen or so, in my first years of high school. I remember thinking to myself, "That'll be me one day." And I stuck through to my promise. It was more so that I had trained so hard for this, to win, to break records, for such a long time and for such a sustained effort than I actually managed to win the coveted (imo) title. Long distance, sprinting. Both took so much of training to get to the timings that I wanted. Long hours after school to train at the track, then to come home and instead of plopping on the couch, for another round of agility training. And repeat. In the long run, it was worth it. Honestly one of my best & proudest accomplishments. I don't think I was someone who was inclined to do sports but training and practicing beats talent, and that's one of the most important lessons I learnt from this whole sports journey.

The ultimate Blue House relay team. <3

#10 - Blue House winning Cheer! 

I'll miss these people so much. More than anything, cheerleading was very very exhilarating and to me it was super unexpected to have won. That day, we nailed the performance even with a couple of mistakes which looked like they were meant to be there :p  The theme was Star Wars, btw. Heh.

#9 - Swimming MSSKL

Winning 2 bronze medals with my U18 relay team. Another week of skipping school & eating KFC & swimming like mad. Here's a photo from my instagram that summarised the week ( :

#8 -  IU Day - Take a Flight with Us.

I really enjoyed being a part of this year's IU. From hectic practices to hurriedly choreographed routines in the last week before the show, I'd say that it was a pretty last-minute preparation, but no doubt it was an amazing panoply of performances with roots from Russia, Hawaii & London. 
Being a Hawaiian Hula Girl; flower crowns & grass skirts in all its entirety. Dancing to Lilo & Stitch. Haaamanaayyaaa-ing with the bitches <3

With my sister Sandra & Erjun the prettiest clown ever and her sister Erqi, who are friends & were in Year 7. That's cute. Hahah.

Again, part of the Hawaiian part of the show; singing Bruno Mars covers with the band - Fabian on the saxophone, Mars Bars on the guitar, Danial on the drums & Hareeen on the piano. 

Here comes the London third of the show; playing the overly jumpy & ecstatic Glinda with Elphaba (Shu Cean) in Popular, from Wicked. Oh, Elphie.
 "Whenever I see someone less fortunate than I - and let's face it, who isn't less fortunate than I? - my tender heart tends to start to bleed." *gasp* *jump* *scream* *dances around the room* *jump* AND WHEN SOMEONE NEEDS A MAKEOVER I SIMPLY HAVE TO TAKEOVER -
In shimmery pink getup, pouncing & running around the stage like a hyper princess. AHAHA and just so you know, Shu Cean took so long to have herself painted green & it was pretty hilarious and everyone wanted pictures with her HAHAHAHA.
I think this picture describes our friendship best.
Polaroids with Elphie.

And lastly, the fashion show; where I was the Bond girl and Amir was James Bond.
I liked this photo which was after I got "assaulted" & hit Norman the thug with my heels and Amir showed up & beat up the other thugs & handed me a gun which was really funny IMO.

*kills everybody in the crowd*

With the boys!
And the girls. x

Then after that we went to Madam Kwan's for a little after-party ( :

& of course a million credits to Estella Lim, IU director & Laraseh, assistant IU director for putting together such a splendid line-up (:

 #7 - SGMUN VIII. 

T'was my last one as Head of Administration and I must say I was pretty sad to have left this club.

#6 - Countless of Sweet 16 parties & surprises.

We had so many Sweet 16s this year among ourselves & I guess it's safe to say that each one went amazing. let's just let the pictures do the talking for this one.

Twaye (& Jack)'s pool partyy!

Nananarnia's Sweet 16.

The birthday girl & me camwhoring behind her. HAHAH sorry Nananarnia :p </3 

Leey Leey's surprise party & sleepover at Ascott (: 
Some drunklike pictures of us. 
Norm, Shen & Amir.

2am trips to 7-eleven. <3
& the next day, with the twins.

Shu's party at Westin! 
When we (well, I) bought raincoats & ran back from H&M to Westin in the rain. Hahah.

Dinner party at TGIF!

Terry's birthday! 

Melissa's (:

Cleeement's (: 

Shen's :)


Estella's (:
'Twas the last day of school before our permitted study leave & we surprised her at school with balloons, picnic mats, rugball, tea & brownies. x
Here's a photo of her crying:
Year 11s :)


& last but not least, my own birthday which I will blog about soon. x

#5 - Stepping down as a prefect.

I don't know why/how I became a prefect, but I'm half glad I did because of all the people I got to know from being a prefect, and how we bonded through 'negative cohesion'. Hahah.

It's funny how we can go from as serious as:


...to this.

#4 - Finishing IGCSEs. (!!)

Nearly two years of studying, two mocks, one month of the real exams & also turning into ice in the hall. It was good to free the shackles on our minds & also hands and finally feel liberated from the tempestuous nature of exams.
Ladies & gentlemen, this is Sri Garden for you. Hahahah. 

With every event comes a celebration. So we celebrated with dinner at Shangri-La & (as usual) taking so many photos that people around us were annoyed.

Then the girls had a sleepover at Twaye's :)

#3 - Officially graduating.

I've been in this school ever since my first year in kindergarten. I think it's been a really wonderful experience which I wouldn't have exchanged for anything else, but I still haven't really accepted that I'm not a high school student anymore. Along the way I think we've all lost and found ourselves again in the form of friendships & betrayals & gossip & secrets, but I hope in thirty years' time we'll be old & grey & still laughing ourselves to tears at our reunion. Love y'all x

 My English class.

#2 - BALI. 

This will be way too long so I'm just going to write a separate post for our senior trip to Bali! Stay tuneddd.

#1- Prom.

Prom was a lovely event, as some would say, the epitome of high school, held on 11.12.13 at Zebra Square. I'll do a separate post on this as well, so for now here's a photo:

Your Prom Queen & King. 

There you go.
Hope you enjoyed this post : )

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