Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years' To-Do List

I'm a believer that if you want to do anything, really badly, you don't need a "New Year's" or a fresh start just to do it. But it just helps with the whole starting over thing. Because everyone else is doing the same, and also because with a new calendar, you don't need to look at the old, tainted ones anymore. And so it just becomes easier to wipe away whatever you had before and paint over it, beginning again.

But yes. As everyone knows, most New Years' Resolutions don't actually stick - I'd know best.

Since I'm starting college this year, but I haven't made any plans or signed up anywhere yet because I still have so many choices. Ultimately, though, I want to end up in New York or some big city because I have big city dreams. It just seems like the city replete of adventure, opportunity and a place where you can be anybody you want.

I'm on this whole find-myself/self-acceptance journey. I felt like taking a few months of breather off will eventually bring me there. Closer, at least. So, here's a list of things I'd like to do/achieve this year. (And just so you know, I really like lists.):

1. Work somewhere & save up $. (hihihi)
2. Intern at a magazine company. (I'm thinking Seventeen/CLEO)
3. Lose weight, be satisfied with my body & my legs.
4. Volunteer at a children's home/school.
5. Learn how to fight (!!!!)
6. Write more.
7. Read & review 25 books.
8. Learn up photography and take more pictures.
9. Meet all sorts of people.
10. Broaden perspective of myself (not visually hahaha) and the world.
11. Dye hair.
12. Learn aerial arts. (Because seriously that is the coolest thing ever.)

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