Saturday, January 25, 2014

IGCSE Results Day

It was finally the day that I've been slightly dreading since the day IGCSEs started. Actually thought it would never happen and that IGCSEs also never did. But gah. It came (heh) and I guess it wasn't as bad as I expected, cause I finally saw everyone again who I probably haven't seen since, like, prom (?) or my birthday & it was really nice to see them. The craziness and loudness was circumambient and enclosed the entire school compound with everybody either screaming (mostly Chew) or crying (or emotionlessly standing around.) I was the one who was jumping around scared ahaha. My hands were shaking really hard & it was like that pre-race feeling. Only, the race is done & you were blind during the race so you don't know how well you did. And you're about to find out. 

Honestly, I didn't cry or feel super sentimental about my results in that 'omg I worked so hard & my prayers finally were answered way' because .. I don't know, I came a long way from my UPSR days and my twelve-year-old hardworking exam oriented days are so over. It's just that I got really lazy during the long IGCSE weeks - the exam carried on for so long, 5 weeks I think - how can somebody possibly take exams in that unreasonably cold temperature consecutively for five weeks and not get bored or lazy to cram everything every night?! I did work really hard before the exams started but it's not like I sacrificed everything to take the exams so I didn't get super teary or feel extremely grateful or anything. I felt pretty indifferent. 

Anyways, I got 9A*s and 1A in maths which I'm pretty satisfied about cause yeah I never liked maths.

If you're feeling bad about your results, don't. Because your high school exam results don't predetermine the rest of your life for you. No ones gonna ask you what you got for your IGCSEs in 20 years when you're a successful businessman, lawyer, doctor, public relations manager or whatever. So just work hard & you'll get where you want & you certainly don't need some meaningless certificate to enslave your options for the rest of your life. And exams aren't exactly a good indication of how intelligent you are too, really. Just how much you can memorize & assimilate information. Which to some extent everyone is capable of, so why fret? 

After getting the results & eating Shu's amazeballs brownies, I went shopping with my mother again. Crazy sales at Bershka!! and Cotton On Body omg. *CRIIESSS* I love cheap clothes so much. Tip #1 for shopping at Cotton On: don't buy anything unless they're on sale. Because in like 1-2 months they're gonna be probably RM30 & below! My haul, in a hap-hazarded pile on my floor: 

SO YEAH. Chinese New Year festivities are coming up and I can't be more excited for one of my ultimate favorite times of the year! 

Goodnight everybodyyy. <3

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