Wednesday, January 15, 2014

First Day in the Corporal World

OKAY SO I'M QUITE PISSED ATM BECAUSE I WROTE AN ENTIRE LENGTHY POST ABOUT THIS AND I EXITED THE BLOGGER APP TO EDIT A PHOTO AND WHEN I CLICKED IT BACK THE ENTIRE.POST.WAS.GONE. *mutters incoherent swear words* Thank you so much, Google, for the extremely helpful autosave function. Thank you so much, Apple, for the super-efficient multitasking system. <3

adslkajg. Here goes, a lamer version of everything I wrote earlier.

So today, I ventured into a new, uncharted territory today: Work. Office. Corporation.

And having been in the 'zone' only one day, it might not be conclusive but I've come up with an early verdict which I will explain at the end of the post.

I headed to the office at about 10am with my dad today. He introduced me to the team and after that he left. My "coworkers" were super friendly, albeit being twice my age on average. Hahaha. So after all that we got down to business and I was given a tour to meet everyone and then I found my desk:

Prettified with filters, ehhe. 
My 'neighbours' were mostly on holiday I think. 

My dad had 'hired' me for a month to help with social media marketing. Today what I had to do was draft out, get inspiration and narrate a YouTube advert and also to set up an online eBay store for his products. After that we're gonna film/animate/edit it & whatever that goes from there! Hopefully it turns out good.

One of my favorite parts were this 'attendance card' machine. It was so cool. You write your name on one of the cards and you put it inside this machine which then stamps out at exactly the write place what time you check in/out. Wtf right. I love weird ass machines.

There was then a lunch break for an hour. Firstly my aunt (who works there) and I picked up lunch for my cousin, then we went to school to pick up my baby cousin who's IN HIS FIRST YEAR OF KINDERGARTEN! (Confession: I used to stubbornly spell it kindergarden.) I met some of my old kindergarten teachers who remarkably still remember me. Albeit faintly. After that we headed back to the office where I ate. At the 'lunch table', I talked to this pleasant, slightly chubby guy who was 22 (so badly I wanted to sing 22) and didn't believe I was sixteen. He thought I graduated from uni and went to work there, hahha. That's a first :p *drunk laugh*

After lunch I commenced 'work' and getting to know the people.
I left early, at like 3.30pm. The working hours end at 6.30pm. But whatever, I'm sixteen, not six-thirty.

This was what I wore which I'd like to call the Prep School Intern outfit: V-neck sweater, button-up shirt and grey pleated skirts. I also made the mistake of wearing my red wedges today. Oh gosh. I walked so slowly hahaha.

My verdict on this world:
I actually like it. I like the diverse people and I like the busy ambience of the place. But I wouldn't want to spend the rest of my life cooped up in any office being stressed till my hair goes grey, y'know? I don't want to feel chained to one place, one desk, everyday until I grow old or until I earn enough cash to feed myself. One month is fine, though. In the future I just really want to be a freelance writer. An explorer of thoughts and exotic places, with daily wanderlust and a large enough vocabulary to describe the amazing sights to capture with words. But for now, I'm looking to make the best of this work/internship opportunity. :) 

Blog more soon. 


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    1. Hi BEAA. I'm working at my dad's company. Its offices are in Maluri (:


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