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The beginning of IB Life @ IGBIS

If you've been following me on my social networks & my blog previously, you'd know that I've started school recently on the 18th of August at IGB International School. It's been about three weeks and I have actually been having a lot of fun. I'd have to attest that fact and accredit it to the wonderful people (don't feel flattered if you're reading this guys), the environment, the teachers & really good classes.

My subjects at Higher Level are: English Language & Literature, Biology & Economics. At Standard Level (SL), they are: Psychology, Math & Mandarin B. Surprisingly I am enjoying the subjects I thought I was the worst at: Mandarin & Math. But I guess that's because it's only the first few weeks & we haven't gotten to the craziness just yet.

Also, the way the IB structures its syllabus -- and generally the whole IB concept -- is just so admirable, it's making me feel like a much more profound person even if it's only been a couple of weeks. You'll learn that everything links to everything and you'll learn to actually think while you're studying, and not just to absorb everything you're given to work with. A skill which is so important in life.

Despite that I've been so busy lately -- so many presentations and assignments going on! I wouldn't say that I have NO time to blog, because that would be a lie (sorry), but my leisure time has been severely decapitated from 7 days a week to 2, so that's been slightly daunting on my time left for blogging. But I'm trying!!! I may have took a long break but trust me, I'm back for good!

All in all, my transition from my gap year to starting IB was actually really smooth. I didn't feel like my brain was so empty that information would just pass through it and I definitely don't feel lazy all the time -- in fact my gap year was really very energising in that it made me actually feel like learning: something I definitely wouldn't have felt if, let's say, I immediately cruised off to pre-U in January, fresh off the IGCSE boat.

I'll fill in on the rest with photos <3

Obligatory cute cupcake photo which probably sums up this post!

A bunch of you have asked me for a uniform photo - and I've aready posted this on Instagram but yeah here it is! 

We had this impromptu photoshoot for a university handbook -- and yeah

Track & field at IGB = a beaaaaut <3 

And here's a panorama of the theatre during the orientation day!

I'm joining Theatre & Performances & we're putting up a production this year so I cannot waiitttt to be performing again! 

There's also a 50m & 25m pool (!!!!) 

Funny thing is: On the first week of school the guys & the girls were super isolated. Like we did talk to each other individually but during lunches & classes we all sat separately HAHAHA. It was like "kindergarten all over again". And then after we all went out on Friday night and during the weekend it was all good and fine, no more gender based awkwardness haha. 

At Izzie's house & around Valencia last Friday: 

Then we went to Publika & had dinner at the Red Beanbag with everyone else!

 And Barfly after <3


Okay that's it for now!
I'm gonna try my best to keep up with my blogging endeavours throughout the IB.

Here are my upcoming posts:
1. Some beauty reviews
2. Food reviews
3. More documentations of outings/MUNs/celebrations/Good Vibes Festival etc.
4. An everyday no-heat hair curling tutorial!
5. Outfit inspirations
6. List of favourite books (& most recently read ones)
7. Why you should take a Gap Year
8. An overview of my own Gap Year

Ask me anything in the comments below & I'll answer :)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

What Happens in Las Vegas, Stays in Las Vegas (or nah)

Fact #1: Las Vegas isn't in California. It's close by in another state -- Nevada. Common mistake. I think sometimes people perceive America as it is just with its most famous places in the East and West Coast, like L.A. or New York or Boston or something. I guess people tend to forget that it's a country with 50 states.

Fact #2: The minimum wage in California is $9 per hour. Woah. That's RM28.57 per hour. Well yeah I understand that Malaysia and the United States are, economic status-wise, in discrepancy, so it's logical because their cost of living is a lot higher. But economically speaking, comparing it to the minimum wage in Malaysia which is $1.24 // RM4.33, it must follow that the standard of living in USA is much higher than it is in Malaysia, considering that the costs of living is definitely not even close to (from observation) 7.2 times higher than it is in Malaysia. 

OKAY I DIGRESS, sorry for my pretentious economic talk HAHA back to Las Vegas now.

How would I describe Las Vegas in words?

You know how every city or every state has an individualistic identity, or, in personification, 'traits' of its own? Like it basically produces & promotes its own culture and its own values and things like that. Of course not each city is completely different nor completely the same, which makes them special, but I feel that Las Vegas is quite an exception to that city stereotype.

Las Vegas is the passport to the world. It amalgamates globalisation - when you're in Las Vegas, you see the world. Geographically speaking, architecturally speaking, culturally speaking, and speaking about humans, food, etc. You see the Eiffel Tower on one corner of a street and when you turn around, you're in the famous New York City Times Square.. And then you walk forward a couple of blocks and all of a sudden, you're in the canals of Rome. And whoops, you stumbled into the Great Pyramid of Giza. And all the while you're swarmed by a motley crowd of people of all races and all skin tones and all accents and all languages.

So what is Las Vegas, if I were to describe it without describing landmarks in other countries? I don't think I could. Party culture? Its casinos? Its hotels? Its clubs & its DJs, maybe? Nah. You can get that anywhere in the world. But I guess the fact that I cannot describe it simply without describing other places brings light to how special it is, no?

Down the Las Vegas Strip: 

The "Eiffel Tower" (Restaurant)

New York New York hotel from the view on the Las Vegas Strip

The Statue of Liberty
New York New York hotel during the day.


Luxor Hotel 

We stayed at the Luxor Hotel for a short night, which was a hotel shaped out of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. Super cool, yes? Somehow I couldn't take a photo of it because I didn't really have a good vantage point or a good bird's eye view of it to be able to take a full photo, so here's a very commercialised one: 


^ LOLOL it doesn't get anymore Photoshopped than that. But yeah, that's (basically) what it looks like. It has a fantastic pool, though we didn't swim in it. (And yes, I did take the following photo of the pool)

 A dip in the sunset, palm trees & breezy water amidst still air

Oh. Another thing about Las Vegas is that it is SO HUMID. I mean when I was there I literally craved for KL weather. It's the fact that it's in the middle of a desert actually.. We were all complaining of heat and fatigue we didn't even feel like walking around outside. And also sleeplessness -- we just came that morning on a few hours of sleep because our flight from San Francisco was at, like, 7am, so we had to wake up at 3ish if I remember. Then we spent the mornoon on a road-trip from LAX to LV, so.. yeah. 

The Venetian Hotel Resort Casino 

God, the art in this place is so beautiful. And realistic, even. This is just the hotel lobby and I already took most of my photos LOL. 

The gargantuan pillars resembling proud soldiers at ease and the curvature of the roof with its festoon of marbled edges and the Roman art on the ceilings provide a spitting insight into Italian architecture.

They harbour their hopes & dreams onto an inconsequential piece of engraved metal and throw it into a fountain said to be blessed by whoever they believe had the power to change their lives

Pretty realistic skies, no?

We witnessed a proposal on one of these boats! If you're wondering, yes she said yes. The newlyweds' friends just kept chanting that aw okay but we get it & we're happy for you!


#relationshipgoals: My parents came here on their honeymoon, so they wanted to come back and visit it. Pretty cute <3

Reenacting our Cameron Highlands photo, except that I'm way too in front and that I look so flabby hAHAHA 


Just a compilation of selfies and food -- still aesthetics.

"I have a Homer Simpson tummy now" "and I love it"


Every little bit as good as it looks. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Popeye's Chicken Tenders

Krispy Kreme (Malaysia's ones are better tbh)

We also had Panda Express, but I don't think I took a photo :( 

Las Vegas Premium Outlets

The next day as we were leaving we went to the premium outlets in LV. So much of variety! There was everything from Hot Topic to Kate Spade NY to Charlotte Russe to Nike. Good thing I don't feel guilty when I shop overseas though hehehe.

I bought a mint Kate Spade wallet! It was such a crazy deal, like I forgot exactly how much it was but I got it for like 60% off. I wanted to buy a bag too but like I didn't want to splurge because we still had LA to go and I didn't want to spend all my money at one place haha.

Now I wish I bought a bag though bc I have leftover cash. #smh #butitsok #moneyformyeducation #moreimportantthanKateSpadebags

This is basically what it looks like. 

This photo was after Disneyland in LA, which is coming next on the blog!!!!! :D

It's getting late and I have quite a busy weekend to go, so I hope you've enjoyed this post and I'd be really glad if you read through all my stupid captions & maybe even chuckled at some of them.

I'm thinking of getting a domain myself. It's really not that expensive and I'm hoping to get really serious about blogging, so it'll be an investment. I mean, a brand called CINDYLEOW.COM sounds so much intimidating than HAHA. ok.

Love y'all, thanks for keeping up with me (speaking of which, I started playing the Kim Kardashian game and I am so addicted I might even write a blog post about it. Okay, bye.)

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