Monday, December 30, 2013


My family and I had a short road trip to Singapore, where we always go. I think that so many people are going there these holidays so we're not the only ones hahaha.
SO, I recently got Adobe Lightroom and I think I edited the photos quite nicely, so let's hear them out:

So we spent the first day in Sentosa. Checked in at our hotel, & then went to eat and shop.

My parents looking adorbs.
After that we took the Sentosa monorail and got to this artificial beach (Siloso Beach), complete with imported sand (from M'sia and Indonesia), artificial waves & slanting coconut trees. I was pretty astounded. You can MAKE beaches now??? Lol make me a beach in my backyard or something please. Anyway, this really adorable clueless-looking tourist guy from China offered to help us take photos:

 The view from the lighthouse.

Oh and my sister and I took photos with a snake, no big deal.

Then we had pizza at this Italian restaurant there which only serves pizza and garlic bread but the garlic bread was SO GOOD. As toasty and warm and mellow as every garlic bread should be. 

 After food, we headed over to VIVO City (again on the Sentosa monorail) and we shopped in our "beach clothes". I bought a heck of clothes from Cotton On and H&M - and everything I bought was discounted. Yay, Christmas sales! (I am a frugal bitch, deal with it.)

This is me and my FAVORITE x129401924 sports idol ever, Allyson Felix! She was so nice in person.

When we came back it was already 11-ish, so we ate supper at Ruyi. It's one of those places where it's a tradition to go every time we're in S'pore. It's not like it's really really good, it's just always there.

The next day we checked out & headed to Marina Bay Sands for another night. The infinity pool (which is a prerequisite for pictures if you stay here)'s beautiful and it is breathtaking but I expected it to be scarier - and also the pool water is terrifyingly cold. There was a lot of wind blowing through the 52nd floor rooftop and it wasn't very sunny so we couldn't sunbathe anyway.

It was the day before my birthday, so we celebrated early with a dinner at the Shoppes. I ordered pancakes which were pretty okay. Sadly I didn't take much pictures there. 

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Sunday, December 29, 2013

so this is my blog.

The spout to vent out every emotion I feel, every event that I trod to, every thought that sprints across my befuddled, unbridled mind, every photo, every book/movie/TV show review, every legendary story that transpires; all the troubles and fantasies and dreams that a sixteen-year-old would have to tough through and achieve.

I’m Cindy Leow Thung Thung. Let’s just keep introductions of myself on the sidebar, yes?

You know you love me.
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